Like A Galaxy

Our lives have often been called a microcosm of the universe. I stumbled upon that viewpoint as I contemplated and concentrated on the thoughts in my head this morning as I geared into meditation.  Galaxies are endlessly fascinating structures that are also used as analogies in classrooms and stories.  Evidently, my mind had decided to use a galaxy as metaphor this morning, too.

Consider the structure of a typical spiral galaxy.  The center is a teaming collection of stars in birth and death. There is likely a black hole with its high gravitational pull that attracts all matter, energy and light from hundreds of light years away.  Everything orbits around the center which is so very brilliant that the rest of the universe is not seen from that vantage point.

You could compare a large metropolitan city with a galactic core.  Visually, it is difficult to see anything that exists beyond the downtown district.  Yet commerce, culture and lifestyle of the entire city orbit around the central core.  If the city is large enough, its influence extends for hundreds of miles away from the metro area.

The outer reaches of the disc or spiral arms of the galaxy are less dense with stellar activity. It is easier to see beyond the galaxy itself.  Even though stars remain influenced by the central core, their locations encompass the views of deep space and of other galaxies.

So it is with suburban and rural areas away from the bustling activities of the major city.  There will still be economic and cultural influences of the city, but inhabitants are able to physically see more of the world around them and more of the sky above them.

You will find smaller clusters of population here and there in galaxies.  By the same measure, you will notice the smaller towns and villages in the rural areas around the major city.  There are also isolated stars in the galaxy, and isolated farms, ranches and solitary homes dotting the landscape near the towns and villages.

Then we find that there are the stars themselves.  Without the stars, there would be no such thing as a galaxy.  So it is with ourselves.  Without people, there would be no such thing as the city and its influence of life around it.

We can see the interdependence of the core of the galaxy and the outer reaches of the star system.  The core is filled with activity.  The sum of the mass of orbiting stars acts as the catalyst to stir up the energy and ultimately become the fuel of the galactic center. Here we can see how the parts of the galaxy depend upon each other.

The city center consists of plentiful activity that is vital to everyone around it.  Yet, the city would soon die if the rural towns and people went away.  The fuel and food sources from outside the city are crucial for the very life of the city.  Such is the interdependence of the city and the countryside.

As individuals who live in the city center, or in a smaller town or by oneself, we are each like a star.  We feed from and give sustanance to the entire city and the landscape around it.  We might individually shine and create things or run businesses and corporations that can also be compared to galaxies.

The structures of the companies depend upon the interdependence of the individuals within the corporation.  The corporation, in turn, will only thrive when it is in balance with the cityscape and countryside in which it physically exists.

You can visualize how our individual actions and ethics affect our local communities, the city, the nation in which it is located and the world as a whole.  Will the galaxy look like a chaotic collision of parts? Or will the galaxy have a smooth, beautiful shape?  Will it be broken or will it work to everyone’s benefit?  Will we be mired in a nebula cloud of shortsighted viewpoints?  Will we allow ourselves to be free to see beyond the boundaries of our personal star and galaxy?


The Blue Jay of Happiness loves a cloudless, starry sky.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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