I’m wondering how many items will be found on the web and other media about the number twelve. In case you haven’t checked today’s date, this is 12/12/12.  People are usually delighted by multiples of numbers.  The highest roll of dice is a double six or a twelve.

There are certain numbers that seem auspicious to people, too. Seven is one of them, twelve is another.  I’ve enjoyed my personal association with the number twelve.  I think my affinity set in place because of the street address at one of my childhood homes.  For several years, our family lived at 1212 Main Street.  I can’t think of a better address unless it might be 777 Main Street.

On days numbered like today, many of us like to make lists of things peculiar to a particular number.  Since today is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the number twelve year of the century, I’ll indulge myself. Of course we have twelve months in a year. many items are sold by twelves as a dozen, the exception being the “baker’s dozen” of 13.

People might think of Jesus’ 12 desciples or twelve hours on conventional clock faces. Many books feature twelve as a theme. 12 or Twelve is the name of at least a few pop music albums. Twelve is also a brand name and an imprint of a publishing house.

Mormons might think of their “Quorum of the Twelve”. Occultists probably think of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, or the special meaning of 12 in numerology combining the powers of the sun and the moon. The number twelve card in the Tarot deck is the hanged man. The hidden meanings of twelve can include the natures of excellent thinking, behavior, speech, and action.  Altruism features strongly if you believe in the power of 12. There were 12 Tribes of Israel descending from Abraham.

The Buddha taught about the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, the Twelve Principles and the Twelve Deva Guardians.  Alcoholics Anonymous pioneered the concept of 12 -Step Recovery groups. I think of former San Francisco Giants lefty, Nate Schierholtz who wore jersey number 12.  Earlier this year, he was traded to Philadelphia.  He now sports number 22 which must not be as lucky as his old #12 because he broke a toe this summer. Maybe he should have stayed with the orange and black? In other sports, #12 is significant for Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team; Namath and Stabler wore 12 on their jerseys.

The Law of the 12 Tables was the foundation of the ancient Roman constitution and the heart of the mos maiorum. Lovers like to give a dozen red roses.  Twelve members of the jury determine innocence or guilt of a crime. Number 12 loomed large to Harry Potter, as well.

Josef Stalin related to twelve in a darker way.  He rose to the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the twelfth year of the 20th Century. Twelve years later he disposed of his main rival, Lenin. Speaking of negative, some folks think during the twelfth month of year twelve, we’ll see the end of the world.


The Blue Jay of Happiness has noticed “The Twelve Days of Christmas” on the radio again.

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