African Tyranny

No, bluejayblog is not an extention of my Facebook account. My statement of purpose is stated at the top of each page. “Here are my observations as I reach for understanding.” I come across topics and things that interest me.  Many times the topics move me to my very core.  I suppose a few of my readers might sometimes share my very deep concerns about one or two issues, too.

uganda-flagPerhaps a post or two has made readers uncomfortable or caused them to skip the post altogether.  That’s fine, because this is not a popularity contest blog.  Each post, even if it deals with the Roman Empire, or food preparation, or whatever, represents something meaningful to me.  I also want this place on the web to be a safe place for people who actually care about such things as hatred, homophobia, bigotry, superstitions, misinformation and seeing through entrenched beliefs.  If compassion, empathy and action can cut through the apathy, I have helped in some small way.

Uganda - Society - Anti-Gay DemonstrationThere are people being hounded, tortured, and murdered all over the world simply for being who they are.  The LGBTQ people of Africa, particularly in Uganda and Rwanda are now targeted for elimination.  One disturbing aspect of the killing of gays and lesbians in Africa is that it is being purposely fanned by politically radical Christians from the United States.

Homophobic forces in the United States who found their efforts opposed by reasonable Americans have turned their attention to a new venue. Evangelical, so-called experts on homosexuality have recruited society groups, teachers, politicians, activists anduganda-missionary fellow religionists. In some cases, the American “religious” representatives actively consulted and helped to draft draconian anti-gay laws.  When the violence and killing began, the American preachers disavowed responsibility for their harmful actions.

In many ways, the hatred and violence against gays and lesbians in Africa, and especially in Uganda can be seen as a classic case of scapegoating.  It is a matter of blaming problems on “the gays”.  There are real problems in Africa. Chronic economic disparity, lack of jobs, starvation, domestic violence, child abuse and warfare. The re-criminalisation of homosexuality is a perfect distraction that religious and political leaders can use to control their populations.  The scapegoating has been tried and perfected in the United States.  It is now being honed and implemented in Africa.

uganda-activistThis issue is not about whether or not we arrogantly “approve or disapprove of homosexuality”.  Human rights and civil rights are not ours to grant, they are inherant and deserving of all people without reservation.  The work to abridge and deny anybody’s civil rights comes from a dark place in the human mind.  To harm and kill somebody for who they are is simply evil.

If you are Christian or Islamic and care about the plight of scapegoated people, you should know that inaction on this issue will only increase negative opinions about your religions and faith.  The gross injustices purpetrated by those who claim to represent religion taints religion with the poison of prejudice and hate.  Religious people need to find out how their church’s or mosque’s “mission dollars” are spent and if they support homophobia.

The African gay community rightfully sees the cross and the crescent as the equivalant of the swastika.  Why shouldn’t LGBT people everywhere not understand it that way? The cross and the crescent represent prejudice, evil and death to them?

I’m certainly not the first person to point this out. I’m also not the first person to draw attention to the apathy regarding threatened peoples.  Apathy regarding the plight of aboriginal communities, ethnic peoples, religious minorities, the gay community, threatened wildlife and habitat, global climate change, and so on, is pandemic.

This little blog post probably will go unnoticed by most people.  But I would be committing evil by not writing it anyway. Please pass it along to other compassionate people.

J 7-1-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness has not lost faith in humanity.

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