One Of These Days

What is something you’ve wanted to do ever since childhood? Focus on a dream you put on hold back then.  Go back to your mental archives and dig out a meaningful but unfulfilled goal that you had set for yourself.

You may have put the idea on the back burner because you needed to establish yourselfdays-calendar in a career.  Maybe starting a family took precedence?  There might have been a health or financial setback of some sort.  Perhaps you just didn’t have faith in yourself to actually follow through, so you procrastinated?  Worse, maybe you worried about what other people might think of you if you succeeded, or failed?  Some of us might be wondering what we want to do when we grow up.

One of these days, you might just get around to finally doing it.  Do you really think so?  You might have lived through year after year with the same vague promise of one of these days, I’ll do it.

It’s procrastination on a grand scale.  No, I’m not going to rehash procrastination cures from other sites on the web.  If you’re looking to overcome procrastination, there are many sites you can go to find a good technique that may work for you.

I’m just reflecting on an aspect of the human condition that most of us have.  I don’t days-cowboyscare if you’re super motivated like Tony Robbins or laid back like a drifter just getting by.  There’s some niggling goal that you’ve been putting off until later.  It might be personal or grand, but the idea remains in your mind.  You know that if you just sincerely started down the path, you’d accomplish it, hell or high water.

I finally figured out that when I began to feel better about myself, life perked up.  I made an effort to boost my self-esteeem because of all the good media coverage self-esteem had been getting.

Self esteem isn’t what I used to think it was.  It has nothing to do with conceit or narcissism.  In fact, conceit, selfishness, and self absorption are sure signs of insecurity and lack of self-esteem.days-wirewalker

As my self-esteem improved, I found that I wanted to improve my lifestyle.  I gave up smoking and took up regular exercise.  I worried less about attention getting activities. I was able to let go of destructive relationships more easily.  I found out that having healthy attitudes seemed to attract more like-minded, healthy people.

I also found myself becoming less frightened about examining the dreams of my youth.  The dreams I had actualized were analyzed, too.  An honest accessment of life became less scary. The idea that I may be able to actualize some of my earlier dreams became more within reach.  Procrastination no longer looked like a demon, because a realistic view of it came more into focus.

I’m becoming less willing to allow intolerant attitudes and people into my life.  It’s easier to stand up for myself these days.  People who cross inappropriate boundaries are not welcome in my life.  I don’t shut people out of my life.  Actually, more people with tolerant, compassionate outlooks on life are coming into my life.  Because of this, I take more small risks.

Another happy benefit of this exploration is a richer inner life. Rigid, dogmatic beliefs have even less appeal to me than before.  Ambiguity and inclusiveness are more interesting and enjoyable than any other attitudes I used to harbor.  I seem to sense more of a personal balance between the need for security and the desire for risk taking.

There are fewer of those times when I say, “One of these days….”

J 7-1-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you live for the moments of joy that come into your life.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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