Exotics …Floral Friday

Maybe you’ve often noticed that a certain object or two will trigger daydreams or your imagination.  One of the holiday gifts from a friend did that to me this month.  While polishing the decorative brass vase, I sat back and let my imagination go free.  I ff012513adecided to utilize three of the “finds” that were given to me during the holiday season.

I enjoy Indian brass objects.  There is a great variety of sizes and shapes.  The best ones are embossed or feature some sort of coloration process.  This one has both.  Plus, it has a pleasant bell-like tone when tapped by a pencil or other utensil.  This calls for a simple, yet elegant treatment. A mysterious quality comes through this styling.ff012513b

I can almost smell the spices and rare unguents when in the presence of this genie-like figural.  The gold lame’ attire and turban suggest rare riches from the Middle East.  He’s holding two pots that I decided to fill with tiny, colorful  flowers.  This fancy fellow is brightening up the living room.

A friend from San Francisco found a tall vase at a shop in Japantown for me.  I envisioned a peaceful pond near Mount Fuji as I contemplated the crane and branches. I didn’t want to overpower the artistic design, so I composed an Ikebana as a cultural statement.

Do you have an object or two that sends your mind to a fantastic place?  Why not find it and place it on display?


The Blue Jay of Happiness wonders if the genie will grant him a wish.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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