So Much Hatred

If you wish to lose control of your life and allow others to place a figurative ring in your nose, be sure to allow hatred into your mind.  I cannot think of a better way to make yourself and those around you miserable, than to cultivate hatred.  Yes, I know this is not new information.  But it seems like nearly every influential person has forgotten this knowledge.

It’s been said that the mental state of indifference is the most disturbing mental state.  I respectfully, disagree.  Indifference takes second place to hatred.  Perhaps indifference towards hatred is in the top five horrible mind states, but hatred is number one.

Hatred is the cultivation and increase of anger.  Instead of feeling anger, being with the anger, then forgiving and letting go of the anger, the person refuses to forgive and let go.hate-GroundZero

I can think of few other mindstates that can ruin lives and cause such destruction and unhappiness as the practice of fostering and promoting divisiveness and hatred. To harbor hatred drains the goodness right out of you.  Those you hate have power over you.  The pundits and acquaintances who tell you to hate have power over you.

Hatred is not only a powerful destroyer of life, it is a powerful addiction, too.  It gives you the excitement of believing that you are right and “they” are wrong. Hate is like a Hate_zh_svgtornado.  It sucks everyone and everything into it and destroys everybody in its path.

We already know all of this.  Why have we allowed ourselves to become wrapped up in the dark cloak of hatred?  Why is America and the world full to the brim with hatred?

I think we don’t want to be in control of our lives.  It’s easier to put oneself on auto-pilot.  It’s easy to have a celebrity news commentator or political movement tell us what is right and what is wrong.  We uncritically believe so called religious leaders and fall into their agendas by default.  It’s so easy to do.  We are easily seduced.

It’s related to comfort levels and inate human laziness.  Don’t you dislike feeling upset and disturbed?  Nobody really wants to feel discomfort.  Ambiguity and not knowing are off -putting to most of us.  We seek to build a pattern and routine for our lives.  We get a job and hope to work that job to provide security for ourselves and families.  We search for answers to disturbing, uncomfortable questions about life so we adopt a religious belief system. We think we have found the paths to happiness and security by merging into these behaviors.

However, a career is vulnerable to changing economic conditions of the nation and world.  Religions are vulnerable to progress and clashes with other belief systems.  When we encounter examples of ideas and people who contradict our means of security, we become frightened and angry.  The easy way of assigning blame for our unhappiness is to feel righteous indignation against whatever or whomever we think causes our unhappiness.

We want to get rid of that disturbance and extreme discomfort.  So, we sometimes allow ourselves to indulge hatred.  The sweet, alluring delusion of hatred then easily takes over our mentality.hate-GodsHateEuripides

What we often forget is that feeling disturbed and uncomfortable is essential to finding understanding and growing stronger and wiser.  If one only looks to acquire security and to destroy some idea or person who you find disturbing, you are hindered.

The best way around hatred and its close relatives, xenophobia, nationalism, bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexism, and the rest is to look within oneself. Letting go of the need to blame others for ones own inner insecurity is a big step towards personal growth and wisdom.  Grasping onto our points of view in the effort to maintain our mental security is the way to self-destruction.  Letting go of our egotistical need to always be comfortable allows us to discover the happy feeling of being mentally free.

Do you love freedom?  Or do you fear freedom?


The Blue Jay of Happiness says to switch off the sources that increase your fear and loathing.

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