Data Privacy Day

Today is when we remember to get up to speed with our online security issues.  Data Privacy Day gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves with the importance of privacy and protection of our information.data01

The worldwide commemoration of Data Privacy Day began as an extention of the European event.  Data Privacy Day in North America began on January 28, 2008.  The date recognizes the first international treaty that addresses the privacy and data protection issues.  Two years ago, the informational and educational efforts expanded into the entire month of January.

One of the most serious problems facing us today is that of identity theft. Victims of this crime often lose sums of money.  They frequently find harm has been done to their reputation and credit ratings.  To reclaim their identity, people must devote much time and money to the efforts.

Many people don’t realize that their cellphones must also be secured. Compromised security with the resulting loss of privacy might be more problematic with mobile phones. Many of the same preventative measures you practice with your computer apply to your smartphone, too.

What are you sharing on social networking sites?  Do you give more than the basic requirements of service?  What about the APPS?  How is your privacy compromised by APPS that you are invited to use on sites like Facebook?

With the advent of webcams, a new source of security and privacy concerns come to mind.  Make sure your cam and its software have not been infiltrated by outside sources.  For more information on webcam security check this site:

Where do you store your data?  How about the most sensitive information.  Is it in the public domain, or have you taken the time to secure it onto thumb drives or other physical storage media that you can guard at your home or office?data02 - Copy
Basic steps work best if you utilize the best ones and keep them regularly updated.  If you use the best anti-virus software that guards against spyware and other computer infections, you can prevent many data headaches.  Change your critical passwords frequently using combinations of numbers and letters, caps and lower case all together make it more difficult for criminals to decipher them.

I hope you can find a little time, today, to double-check the security measures you take to safeguard your data privacy.


The Blue Jay of Happiness knows that prevention is much easier than cures.


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