Probably 90% of the time I awaken each morning with a refreshed mind and body feeling like a large cat ready to pounce upon the day. I’ve come to take the feeling somewhat for granted, even though I realize nothing is permanent.  This morning, however, I woke up feeling like crapola.  I certainly don’t mention this to spoil your day or dump off some emotional baggage.  I only bring this up because it’s such an anomaly.

Since this space is where I record my observations, I figure that if you are someone who regularly enjoys a workout regime, you might find something of use or may be able to comment about your own, personal workout findings, too.  Or you might have some other activity that you use as a tool to maintain personal discipline or sharpen your skills in some manner.whatever-me

As I just mentioned, my body did not feel in good form at all.  A medium, almost severe headache topped the list. This was followed by an ache in my left big toe, and a slightly queasy tummy.  I popped a couple of aspirin then settled back for my morning cuppa joe.  I seriously considered skipping the gym.  On the other hand, I winced at the thought of missing out on my cardio workout.  So, I decided to only have a very easy workout.  I mentally said, “Whatever”.

By the time I got to the “Y”, my headache was gone and I physically felt a bit better, but I still lacked my usual zip.  I trudged up the stairway, filled my water bottle and grabbed a sweat towel.  I strode to my favorite Expresso Bike then adjusted the seat.  My mood improved a bit, but I still felt sluggish and had reservations about beginning my ride.

whatever-ExpressoBikeI scrolled through the menu and finally settled on a route that I’ve ridden at least a couple of hundred times.  “Thunderball” is sort of a default ride for me.  I like it because the visuals are pretty peculiar.  The setting is a theme park of sorts; the roadway is situated high, well above the various features.  The color of the path is shocking pink. The tone reminds me of Pepto Bismol.

A few minutes into the ride, I removed my eyeglasses. I usually do this for two reasons.  1. I perspire heavily during these workouts with the result of having to deal with messy glasses. 2. I can only see the roadway and major features. I’m unable to make out the speed and power indicators, so the ride is fresh each time.  There are days when I leave my glasses on in order for me to push myself beyond my prior achievements.  Today was not one of those days.

As I continued the course, I felt a bit healthier, but unremarkably so.  I decided to just pedal the bike and not push for anything special. I wasn’t really motivated at all.  I only wanted to go through the motions.  The only reward I envisioned was the warm, soapy shower afterwards.

On the days when I ride without glasses, I usually put them on for a few moments whatever-peptobismoltowards the last couple of miles.  Today I slipped them on in order to glance at my progress.  Wow! I had to do a double-take!  I was leading my best ever time on the course by more than three and a half minutes. I kept the glasses in place and finished the route.  Sure enough, I had beaten my old record.  I also bested all the other local riders from the same gym.

My body still felt blah, but I didn’t feel fatigued, so I chose a basic short ride called “Rabbit Run”.  It’s a fairly level, curvy ride that is just perfect for a cool-down to use after a tougher ride.  This time, I set out to beat my old record on purpose.  I did just that, but only by a few seconds, instead.

I’d had enough exercise for one morning, so I wiped down the machine and left the workout center for the showers.  In spite of my excellent times, I still felt unexcited.  But my body and mental states had improved considerably.

The rest of today?  I don’t think I’ll do anything extraordinary.  The sky is overcast and I still feel a bit foggy, too.  I doubt that I’ll push for any world records today.  I think I will continue contemplating today’s peculiar workout.

Do any of these circumstances seem familiar to you?


The Blue Jay of Happiness advocates some form of daily physical activity within your own safe, healthy limits.

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1 Response to Whatever

  1. Al Kline says:

    I am still lucky to be living in the part of the country where the weather doesn’t force me to ride a stationary bike. I couldn’t ride one for more than 1 hour anyway . . .

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