Luxurious Haeger Vases …Floral Friday

Late winter is a good time for some special visual interior treats.  Why not bring out a fancy piece of pottery or two and put it to use?

I’ve enjoyed vases and planters from Haeger Potteries for several years.  The company built their reputation on quality lines of art pottery and excellent glazes.  One attractive benefit to the casual or beginning collector, is that most of their pieces are quite FF030812aaffordable.  On the other hand, there are several limited editions and studio pieces that have premium prices.  So, there’s something for every pottery collector.

Some of us collectors also enjoy actually using what we find. To me, just placing pottery on shelves can make the home look like a retail boutique or an antiques store. I’d rather use a vase or planter as it was intended.

The 8709 Green vase has its opening slightly tilted from the top.  It’s an example of the more contemporary products from the Dundee, Illinois company.  This medium-large vase shows how the product line became more utilitarian and conservative before the company closed its doors.  The unique opening allows the floral designer to enjoy a contemporary approach to styling flowers for an elegant setting.  In this vase, simplicity is best.


The late model number 235 was produced in 1993. It’s one of the few later Haeger pieces that really appeal to me.  It’s a somewhat large nautilus shell design.  The glaze is a rough, matte finish that reminds me of plaster stucco.  The exterior is very difficult to clean, so careful handling is required. The scale and design call for a generous display of a variety of richly colored blooms.  I went all out for an over the top design for a look of indulgence.

FF030813fThe R-483 Royal Haeger Upright Shell Vase was listed in the 1949 catalogue.  This one is finished in the premium Peach Agate glaze.  The interior is pink.  I’m including a shot of the rear of the piece, because examples are rarely seen on display.  Carnations were in vogue during the 1940s and early 1950s.  I set out to duplicate the arrangement that was created for this vase as it was displayed in the factory brochure. This somewhat rare piece is a fine example of the attention to detail that was found in Royal Haeger products around mid century.FF030813h

Do you have some Haeger or Royal Haeger sitting around?  Maybe something fancy by another pottery?  Why not bring it out for display?


mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that Royal Haeger pieces were not only fit for a king, the name comes from the studio of the famed artisan, Royal Hickman.

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