End Of March Projects …Floral Friday

I wonder if the Romans named this month to honor the God of War because of the dynamic energy and radical changes that take place at this time of year.  The tail end of Winter snaps into the beginnings of Spring.  The universal meaning of the Equinox still is on our minds, too. We’re shedding the doldrums in place of the outdoors.  Of course, South of the equator, it’s the exact reverse, as the seasons go from Summer to Fall.

FF032913aAll of this exciting transition has enabled more than a little procrastination towards a few of my project goals.  I had a few to wrap up before heading into the new month. One of the better ways to quickly enhance a room is the addition of a wall pocket vase.  I have a weakness for these things.  I seem to run out of display area on the walls easily.  This vintage wall pocket is a favorite.  I decided that a simple, fancy splash of roses are needed right now. The blooms are enhanced by the details of the vase.

I just can’t get enough Shasta Daisies at this time of year. The pristine whiteness and FF032913bsimple shape of a daisy just puts smiles on human faces.  I decided on a theme of light humor. The farmboy milking Bossie is just right.  The Oneida creamer is just the thing to add zip to the kitchen countertop.

Springtime is an ideal time to transplant cacti.  This funky stoneware planter is just right for a mini rock garden home for a couple of plants. If you’re doing a cactus garden, remember to wear your canvas gloves.

l rm a 07-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness thinks these projects are a great way to jump-start some Spring cleaning chores.


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