Basket Cases …Floral Friday

One of my regular readers made a helpful suggestion last week.  She wrote to me to say sheSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA needed some ideas for flowers arranged in baskets.  I was glad that Clarinda mentioned that kind of container.  It gave me the motivation to search for some old gift baskets that have been given to me through the years.  I finally rounded a few of them up and started brainstorming, right away.

I remember getting some English Ivy in the small, square, tan basket several years ago.  When it outgrew the basket, I transplanted the ivy to a hanging planter and stashed away the basket.  For its revived form, I kept a simple, clean design. Light shades of primary colors are the focus of the composition.

One year, a friend thoughtfully put together a May Basket full of homemade cookies, candies and jams.  The white container triggers fond memories of that May Day.  The idea of putting together a sampler of different shapes, colors and forms was a natural.  I justSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA kept adding a flower or bunch of leaves here and there until the arrangement just intuitively came together.

The gift of a bottle of Kahlua liqueur, coffee samplers and chocolates arrived in the dark tan basket.  Until I get a refill of the goodies, I put together some peach colored blooms as place holders.  The tones work well together.

I sure hope these photos give you some starter ideas for your own basket recycling projects.

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The Blue Jay of Happiness notes that you can combine flowers and edible treats in the same basket to create a thoughtful gift.


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