When You Feel Creative

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you feel obligated to create some sort of artistic artifact that the result doesn’t come off quite as well as you wished? You possibly feel a bit inauthentic, too.

Meanwhile, if you start on a project when your emotions and inner energy feel just so, just creative, some sort of magic goes into play. You might cook, paint, sculpt, draw, write or whatever. You understand that when you feel creative, you really want to drop everything else and focus on your passion.

This isn’t a new idea by any stretch. It’s just that we often forget to understand this point. Life is so rushed with deadlines and promises, that our subtle, creative urges sometimes get trampled in the mental traffic.

Granted, if your profession depends on creativity, you somehow manage to satisfactorily creative-vases01finish your workday obligations. You might even feel very pleased and good about those projects for pay. If that happens in your life, I congratulate you.

This post centers on the spontaneous creativity that can happen anywhere at any time. Often such creativity happens away
from work in the home, or while taking in some recreation time someplace. Possibly this can happen at your workplace.

When I worked in radio, I loved my job and enjoyed many satisfying, creative moments. But on weekends or time off, I liked to record sound experiments. I also recorded letter tapes for some of my friends. Radio away from the studio, not for pay was relaxing and fun. I’d like to revive those moments, today, but that would be forcing things. Time has moved on. People honestly, don’t have time to listen to audio-cassettes in our digital age, anymore.


Happily, the world is full of other artistic outlets. A person can indulge in photography. If you become one with your camera, who knows what results can happen? At one time, I drew or sketched pictures. Drawing can be a very spiritual practice. In 1991,I was able to sketch a likeness of my late partner, Takeo, from memory. It’s certainly not a Rembrandt, but all of Takeo’s endearing features have been expressed in the charcoal image. 23 years later, it’s still a special keepsake.

Many people believe they are not creative. Some even feel self-conscious about their drawing, musical, or other efforts. You don’t need to be a Richard Strauss to derive enjoyment from a piano or electronic keyboard. Who says you must be another Rachael Ray in order to take pleasure in preparing a tasty meal for family and friends? I’m certainly no Edward R. Murrow, but I have fun writing anyway.

Whatever positive, creative endeavor trips your trigger will connect you to a deeper nature. Who knows? You might be underestimating your talents.


The Blue Jay of Happiness enjoys singing when he thinks nobody is around to hear him.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to When You Feel Creative

  1. mandala56 says:

    I’ve found that even very small increments of time can be used creatively. While I don’t have time to complete big drawing projects during most of the school year, I make very small things during work time that I will finish off with detail later on. It’s very satisfying in spite of being “unfinished”. I wish more people would stop saying they have no talent and just play at making something. It makes me feel like I accomplished something important for my soul instead of just having gotten through a work day.

    • swabby429 says:

      Yes, I can relate to this unfinished project business. I think it can actually enhance the final result. Doing something mindfully and creatively is probably a good way to extend ones life, too.

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