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World Book Day

The first book that I remember anybody bought for me was a stitched together illustrated cloth book called The Little Engine That Could. It was my favorite toy until it fell apart and was taken from me by mom.  Later, … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day 2013

I’m hoping today will be less about happy talk with continued greenwashing and more about getting our hands dirty. Today is Earth Day across the world.  It the time to refocus and direct our consolidated efforts to the enormous challenges … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Relativity (review)

I noticed a new printing of Dr. Albert Einstein’s lectures about his Theory of Relativity sitting in the “new” section of the Norfolk Public Library.  I picked it up while thinking that I really need to finally tackle the thing.  … Continue reading

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Ludlow, Colorado

The appreciation and treatment of workers has probably been a sore spot of humanity ever since one person submitted to the wishes of another in order to earn a living.  Until the 20th Century, serfs, peasants, laborers and most other … Continue reading

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Compact Impact …Floral Friday

My friend Jorge compared my frequent creation of small arrangements to his hobby of writing flash fiction.  He said I should call my mini-arrangments, “flash florals”.  I like the name, so I think I’ll work on it and refine it a … Continue reading

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To Desire

Can you think of a more angst-filled state of mind than to be caught up in desire?  Such a contradictory mess.  Such a demanding, urgent, vital, and passionate feeling. Aside from fear, desire will automatically focus the mind on a … Continue reading

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Some Obsolete Foods

The other morning my pal, Marcus, at the gym mentioned that he had skipped breakfast and was feeling rather hungry.  It seems that whenever someone is hungry, some sort of food topic comes into play.  This particular conversation settled into … Continue reading

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