The flame erupts and destroys everything false in the mind. We have a fear of the flame.  We imagine that it will destroy everything we believe to be important. Perhaps this is why most of us have so very little passion?

Where is the passion that brings up conflict? If we surrender to pure passion, will we discover what it means to be fully human?

At some times, we have experienced the passion of lust. We have felt the passion of beauty.  I don’t mean the beauty of manmade artifacts like temples, skyscrapers, cars, artistic paintings, poems, and other literature.  Certainly these are attractive, desirable things.


I mean a pure passion that defies definition.  A flame that is beautiful beyond description by mere words.

It is not the passion touted by the self-help and motivational gurus of popular culture.  You can only find a counterfeit passion through techniques and cheerleading. It is not a thing you can buy in a book store, or online as an ebook. You probably won’t find it in a seminar or a sermon. It’s easier to say what passion is not rather than what it is.

But you will recognize the flame of passion when it overtakes you?

If you do not fear being labeled as an eccentric, you might find yourself opening up to passion.  If you don’t fear the flame that devours everything you believe to be important, including your self-importance, you won’t feel the pure flame of passion. You may feel trepidation about this flame, but it is really, truly beautiful as it burns through you.

This passion is considered taboo.  The topic is even more forbidden than sexual desire. Where do you feel the deep ache of passion?  passion-running

Is it when observing poverty and squalor?  Do you feel the depth of feeling about the hording of vast riches and the  corruption of the soul because of greed?  These are beyond the familiar stirrings agitated by politicians and clergy.

Do you feel a simple passion when hearing the singing birds? Do you see a tree or a sunrise and find yourself speechless and free of thinking?  We need these flames of passion.  They are the fuel for life.

Stop and face the beautiful ache of passion. Breathe in and breathe out.  Let go to the beauty of the flame of passion.

You may think that surrender to this social taboo is wrong. After all, the holy books, our leaders, and our culture only want us to surrender to one concept or another.  We are told to have only one type of passion. But if you limit yourself to only the accepted form of passion, you will not really experience anything but euphoria.  Passion is not about the preaching that this kind of love is good and the other kinds are bad.

Love is simply love. Love is not contradictory.  Love is a manifestation of the flame of passion.

Without passion, how can you feel the depth of the ugliness in your city or town?  How can you feel the loneliness of the people who are shunned by society?  How can you feel the beauty of the earth?  Without abandoning yourself to the flame of passion, how can you listen to the song of the bird?

How can you fully experience the love for and from your lover?

How can you truly experience love?



The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you are open to the sensitivity of passion.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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