Avant-Garde …Floral Friday

In as much as floral arts are my hobby and not my livelihood, I can enjoy more leeway regarding materials, style, and composition.

Today, I just felt like letting my subconscious run amok and to let the petals fall where FF051713athey may.  I simply grabbed containers at random.  Then I raided my flower supply with the attitude of letting instinct rule.  The results are first tries.  There was no going back to reconsider anything.  Nothing was tweaked at all.  Each of the arrangements works in its own quirky way.

The red Japanese vase was constructed of turned tropical wood and finished in red lacquer.  I could only see red for this piece, but reds of different shades and textures would do.

FF051713bAnother Japanese vase, this one is stoneware, came into play. The raw, earthiness called for warmth of color and sensuous shapes to bring a masculine-yang balance to the feminine-yin glaze. The result is an energetic, yet calming composition.


The light blue geometric dish made by Red Wing pottery is pure 1960s moderne.  Just looking at the empty container made me feel nostalgic for the forward-thinking space-age designs of that decade. I pictured something that would be at home in a conference room at NASA.


The oversized handles on the small yellow urn bring an impish grin to my face everytime I see the vase.  Hence, the gregarious, happy flowers are right at home here.

I hope these images have inspired your creativity in some way today.

l rm a 07-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness knows that a free imagination often leads to cutting edge thinking.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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