World Oceans Day

oceans-surfSome commemmorative days really need to be celebrated as public holidays.  Given the supreme importance of the earth’s oceans, I’d certainly say that World Oceans Day is a prime candidate for such a holiday.

At least the day is celebrated in several countries, especially those with seaboard coastlines.  Some of the events include photography contests, concerts, fossil and shell hunts, and surfing contests.

We usually forget just how important of a role that our oceans fill in all life on earth. They have been called the lungs of the planet because the oceans provide most of the air we breathe. As such, they are a key part of the biosphere.  The seas are also a source of medicine and food.oceans-trees

On a more esoteric scale, they provide inspiration for writers and artists.  The seas have an historical role in international trade and travel as they have been traditional trade routes.  The oceans are popular for spiritual explorers, too.

For all that the oceans do for us, it’s important that we encourage a better awareness about the plight of the oceans.  World Oceans Day is a perfect opportunity for us to become much more involved in ensuring the future of mankind and the rest of life on earth.

The World Ocean Network and The Ocean Project coordinate worldwide activities for the special day.  The theme for the 2013 celebration is, “People and Oceans: together we have the power to protect the ocean!” The United Nations sanctioned events stress that we can celebrate the oceans and work to protect them. We are asked to connect with our families, friends, communities and the whole world to take positive, active steps to ensure the healthy future of our planet.

World Oceans Day has been unofficially celebrated on June 8th of each year ever since 1992, when it was presented by Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero.  The event received official sanction from the United Nations in 2008.

I hope you enjoy a meaningful World Oceans Day, today.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes we can all get together to celebrate and to protect our oceans.


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