Repurposed …Floral Friday

Many of my friends and I have been reusing and recycling stuff longer than the practice has been chic.  Reconfiguring and rethinking design and original intent is not only FF061413apractical and eco-friendly; it’s fun to do.  I have a few examples of some of my own, post-postmodern reconfigured items to show as idea starters today.

A few years ago, I was given some premium green tea from Korea.  It was packaged inside of a very attractive, traditionally designed canister.  It would be a crying shame to throw such a container into the trash, so I didn’t. I decided it was time to utilize it to hold a crazy mish-mash of flowers.  Even after the healthy tea was consumed, I can still enjoy the canister as a fine accessory.


I came across a small Shawnee Pottery Company ashtray the other day.  I like the mid-20th Century styling and the coral pink glaze.  The thing was just screaming for one of my ashtray Ikebana ideas.  I carried through with more pastel colors to compliment the pink for an integrated visual.


If a person can repurpose manmade articles, why can’t I repurpose animal artifacts?  So, I tried something easy.  Mollusk shells are a natural inspiration for many people.  In this case, five scallop shells are epoxied together along with four small shells to fill the gaps.  The result is a fun vase to hold a marine themed batch of blooms.

A person can find many items around the house to reconfigure for another purpose.  I’ve seen people use canning jars, sugar bowls, teapots, and coffee cans for their projects.

What can you find?



The Blue Jay of Happiness knows that old yogurt cups make great starter pots for flower and vegetable sprouting.


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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