Stupid Guy Thing Day

I hope this post is not another “Stupid Guy Thing”.  I’m trying to be proactive to head off stupidguything-01misunderstandings about this peculiar “holiday”, today.  First of all, I hope the originators didn’t intend to imply the day is about stupid guys. Today is “Stupid Guy Thing Day”.  It’s supposedly a day of fun and mirth for the ladies at the expense of us guys.

Us guys take a lot of heat and weather a lot of insults to our pride. Regardless of gender, people can act in very stupid ways.  We can all think of instances when both men or women perform unskillfully in day to day existance.  So, why have a holiday about the stupid things that guys do? Because us guys stupidguything-04are expected to just take “good natured” insults on the chin, I guess we’ll just have to go along with this “special day”.

Apparently “Stupid Guy Thing Day” was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy to promote their line of herbal remedies. The Roys have “invented” more than 80 so-called holidays as promotional tools for their business venture. So I’ve got to be really careful how I write about this so I don’t run afoul of their copyright claims.  But since this is a non-profit blog, I can probably get away with tip toeing around this event.

The Roys have asked females to make lists of stupid things that guys do.  This fault-findingstupidguything-02 hunt seems rather inauspicious and mean spirited, but I suppose that many women think their examples are funny in the same way that slap-stick comedy is based upon bad things that happen to people. Kind of like slipping on a banana peel is supposedly funny.

I’ve often wondered why so many people believe it’s virtuous to point out the faults of others.  I think it is more positive to make lists of things that other people do that are not stupid.  Just as most women can probably fill a book with stupid things that guys do, us guys are also capable of filling a book listing the puzzling, odd things that women do.  So, we are able to cancel each other out.

As a guy, I know that we can do some pretty unbelievable things.  I don’t like the use of the insulting term “stupid”, though.  Boys and men generally are creatures of action and exploration.  When people explore their world, invariably mistakes will be made.  Those are the risks of being active, curious creatures.

stupidguything-03Sometimes the risks pay off quite well.  Doing some stupid guy things have lead to such things as global exploration, the discovery of electricity, flights to the moon and other ways to feel more alive.  I’m not defending the actions that seem stupid.  I’m only saying that progress cannot happen without taking risks.  Often times risks don’t turn out well.  That’s just the nature of trial and error.  The errors are more memorable and sometimes spectacular.

I’m sure that my family and friends can point out more than a few stupid guy things I’ve done.  I’m glad I tried them, because they pushed my boundaries beyond my comfort zones.

Sure, I’ve never had the urge to climb a skyscraper nor have a boxing match with a kangaroo, but I’ve nearly gotten killed by walking along a railroad trestle.  I’ve had some less than intelligent encounters with electrical appliances.  Lessons learned!

I’ve often pondered the question of expanding the realm of human experience and capabilities. I think it’s a characteristic of male creatures in general, not only homo sapiens.  I think this behavior is triggered by our hormones.

In a lot of ways, I’m glad I’ve done some silly things.  It’s all part of being a male. This aspect is fine with me.  I like being a guy who sometimes does “stupid” things.  It’s just how I am.

Why don’t we drop the “stupid” and just enjoy a happy “Guy Thing Day” as we celebrate the daring stuff guys do that sometimes turns out OK, and sometimes not?


The Blue Jay of Happiness carefully and with political correctness, wonders why there is no corresponding holiday called “Stupid Gal Thing Day”?

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2 Responses to Stupid Guy Thing Day

  1. gpcox says:

    Laughed hard – need to dry my eyes now.

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