Fancy …Floral Friday

Like so many people, I have accumulated a lot of stuff.  That’s an American problem.  At every turn, advertising and promotional messages encourage us to acquire things.  Most of the stuff I’ve stashed away and forgotten about is pottery and glass.  The basement of my little house contains several large plastic bins full of the things. FF071213a

A few days ago, I climbed down the basement stairs so I could replace the heating/AC filter.  While there, I realized that my vase collection has become too numerous for my comfort level. I told myself that I need to look through some of the “totes” that have been in the basement for over ten years.

The thought ocurred to me that perhaps I should put the things on eBay. That was one of the excuses I’d told myself to justify purchasing the things in the first place.  I had a trial run in 1998, but found out the venture was unprofitable and time consuming.  So, I just set it aside.

The time had come again to look through the bins, one at a time. I wanted to see which things I remembered, and which ones I forgot owning. I felt like I was going on a shopping spree in my own home.

Whether or not it’s valuable, colored glass accessories are eye-candy.  Once in awhile a person can still find a vase or bowl in a thrift shop or consignment store.  The stylized candle holder is perfect for a minature Ikebana. The sweeping curves paired with star shapes make a thematic statement.FF071213f

The subdued, speckled globe vase is home to brilliant sunflowers.  The civilized geometric vase contrasts well with the feral, unruly flowers.

The very old pinch-handle vase needs a soft, pastel approach. The early 20th Century is the inspiration for the arrangement.

FF071213iIf you’ve followed my Floral Friday posts here, you probably noticed that I feature a lot of Haeger pottery.  The lavender leaf vase is one of the more elegant pieces from Haeger. This is not only a Royal Haeger, it’s one signed by Royal Hickman, one of the most noteworthy artisans on contract by the Haeger Studios. I wanted a subdued, formal style to share with you here.


If I had one thought to express today, it would be that we should attempt to bring out our nicest things from hiding and actually enjoy them.



mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness is rethinking the idea that being a collector is a virtuous avocation.

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2 Responses to Fancy …Floral Friday

  1. mandala56 says:

    You have a great collection, I can’t imagine parting with any of the ones you’ve posted here.

    • swabby429 says:

      That’s the problem. These are the tips of the iceberg. I’m going to need an objective third party liquidator for this. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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