Emily Post’s Advice To Digital Denizens (Review)

One of the books I wish I had written myself addresses the foibles of getting along in our fast-changing digital world.  I spotted that book at the Norfolk Public Library and brought it home the other day.

Emily Post’s Manners In A Digital World–Living Well Online by Daniel Post Senning is the book I had in mind.  It’s slim, concise and well written.  Much of what Senning has written, we already know but forget to practice.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Not only is this a fast and pleasant book to read, it is an excellent reference resource that you should have nearby in your home or office. I found good reminders to help keep me savvy, diplomatic, and effective in my online communications. The book contains easily digestable advice about the important aspects of communications.  It begins with a refresher course on Netiquette.  There are useful chapters about mobile devices, Social Networking, gaming and photo sharing.

I think the chapter “When Worlds Collide” is especially useful.  How do we handle the urgency of emails? Also, how about the creeping of personal communications into the work environment and vice versa? Boundaries are becoming more and more blurred with our sanity being held hostage as a result.  There is rock solid advice to help us build and maintain healthy boundaries regarding our devices and the situations in which they are used.

Thankfully, Senning reminds the reader about the necessity of remembering to be safe.  How to be discrete about your own and your children’s identity and physical location. How to be extra careful about business and financial information is also mentioned. What about scams targeting newbies, seniors, and users of social media?

These are just a few of the topics that are effectively explained in Daniel Post Senning’s tome.  After I return this book to the public library, I’m going to buy myself a personal copy to keep within arm’s reach.

{ Emily Post’s Manners In A Digital World–Living Well Online by Daniel Post Senning; Copyright 2013 by The Emily Post Institution; Published by Open Road Integrated Media, New York; ISBN:  978-1-4532-5495-0 }


The Blue Jay of Happiness sums up this book. Just remember to be nice to those with whom you interact and those around you.


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  1. mandala56 says:

    Does anyone else have trouble seeing the “like” button from time to time? Whenever I’m on a different computer, WP doesn’t cooperate as well. I don’t see icons or like buttons, only x’s.
    Anyhow, I did like the post 🙂

    • swabby429 says:

      Thanks for the like. I often get a faded “like” button. I sometimes have to reload the page a time or two extra. I think it’s a problem with the WordPress server.

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