The sky is dark with a scattering of starlight as I sit here pondering changes.  The week promises to reveal plenty of changes.  The tweak of fully healthy to a slight case of the sniffles might further metamorphose into a summer cold, or not. This month’s change from one legal age to another is just a matter of a moment. But the natural metamorphosis from one age to this one has been gradual from moment to moment over the past year. It will continue one way or another;  just as the sky will change from dark black to light blue.

How do we deal with the changes that come upon us.  The changes that are minor or tumultous are inevitable. They are individual and social in scope.

Most of us encounter a new point of view, political movement, propaganda, consumer product, motivational approach, or a new fear and think that it is change.  I don’t think so.  It seems to me these things are just reconfigurations of the same old stuff and attitudes. A change that is disciplinary, compulsary, or conformative is not an actual metamorphosis.

In our field of thought and concepts, we have various points of view and shifts in belief and opinion. There might be a new preference for Korean cars over American cars. Maybe a new opinion that Jesus is better than Krishna is presented to us. That is one set of ideas has supplanted another set of ideas. This is a process within the field of thought. These ideas and concepts form the boundaries of the mind. In reality, these are not signs of metamorphosis, either.

Actual change and metamorphosis can only happen when we see and understand the boundaries of conceptual thought.  Real change happens when we can see why perceived changes inside the boundaries of thought are not really metamorphosis.  When we go from the known to the unknown is when we really change.

We see that there is no authority.  We understand there is the possibility of complete failure.  There is the understanding that we are not at the center of all things.

Can we really change? Can we thrive beyond the norm, the accepted pattern, or any motive to change? Can we even momentarily break free of our cultural conditioning?  The gods, ideals, and incentives are taught to us.  It’s a matter of going beyond the promises, more sophisticated technological toys, better quality food, and acceptable political points of view.  The boundaries are still there.

You are not trying to understand yourself, or your friend, or me.  You are simply letting go.  This is a deep meditation.  When you do not separate the thinker from the thought. There is no image making.  There is no expectation of experience.

This is when there is only silence.

We do not strive for this.  It just happens. When there is no experiencer who is experiencing, then we métamorphose.

The Blue Jay of Happiness understands that we are frequently uncomfortable with ambiguity.  But ambiguity is liberating.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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