Simplicity In Glass …Floral Friday

Glass floral containers are the most popular and available foundations used in flower FF110113aarranging, so I figured I’d take a break from my usual vintage pottery and use some glass that I have around the house.

An intriguing glass terrarium globe works to highlight a single, large flower or a small plant.  This one is a vintage globe manufactured by Lewis P. Weil. A limited number of these were produced in the 1950s.  It has a Bakelite base with a small pin-type flower frog attached. The sturdy glass dome screws into the base.  I used a medium size, dark red Magnolia blossom, then accented it with fill flowers for a very simple display.FF110113b

Instead of a standard glass flower tank vase, I wanted to utilize a vintage glass brick vase to create a subtle shift of style.  I was fortunate to find a half dozen of my favorite Stargazer Lilies on sale.  I cleaned up the glass brick, placed some river stones in the bottom, lined the inside with large leaves, added the water, then carefully placed the flowers in a symmetrical fashion.  The result is a contemporary statement from something that is quite old.

FF110113cAs a respite from the cliche’ earth tones and orange colors that we find in Autumn displays, a bright splash of tropical lifts the mood, best.  The lime green bottle vase is a standard issue hobby store item.  I plugged in a variety of large, rainforest leaves and then accented with a couple of Birds of Paradise to accentuate the exotic theme.

The next time you have a few flowers to display, consider a glass container that departs from the ordinary.  Unique, artistic glass containers are abundant, for next to nothing, at your nearest thrift store.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wishes you a creative Floral Friday.

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