Hierophant Reversed

My friend Jorge says that if we could only have some musical talent, we might want to start a rock band named “Tarot And The Two Skeptics”. I must admit, Jorge came up with a great name.  If you’re starting up a singing group and wish to use that name, please go ahead.  I only ask that you place a comment, below, so that we can know about you.

Even though Jorge and I have learned, in the school of hard knocks, to be skeptical, neither of us can resist the elegance, and tactile allure of a deck of Tarot cards.  While we don’t believe in any sort of woo regarding the cards, we’ve found that using the standard meanings of the cards can help us investigate various facits of our personalities. Hence, they are fancy tools to focus our introspective tendencies.

Jorge shuffled one of my “Rider Waite” decks then dealt a standard three card layout of past, present, and future. Card number three came up as “V The Heirophant”. Its position was reversed, or upside down.

I love The Heirophant, so I disagree with the readers who say that he is the Catholic Pope.  He holds a scepter that reminds me of the old Nabisco logo. I see The normal, upright Heirophant as the interpreter of ancient mysteries. He’s sort of an orthodox ancient Greek Eleusinian priest who explains those mysteries.??????????????????????????????????????

The reversed Hierophant is different in a meaningful way. It is this position that blatantly describes the attitudes of Jorge and I, perhaps you, too, regarding the status quo. In fact, the reversed Hierophant might very well be a symbol of society in our era.

For my friend and I, these aspects are very apparent:  unconventionality, rebellion, breaking the rules, and disillusionment.  We both see and hear of the conditions of our world and society and wish we might find a way to help everyone out of the messes we have all created for each other.

The reversed Hierophant symbolizes our reaction against the corruption of the police, the politicians, the conventional religions, along with the rules and laws that protect the corruption. Jorge and I have both broken many of the unofficial rules and mores that have cowed so many members of our community and society. But we haven’t broken enough of them to really make a concrete difference.  Maybe, we are about to do so?  Who knows?  Maybe you are in similar straits?

Amazingly, the reversed Hierophant also signifies major obstacles in the financial sphere.  Jorge, myself, and many fellow citizens, in this country, are existing on tight budgets.  Every dollar must be accounted for.  The same situation has existed in the budget of the U.S. government. Our nation’s longterm love affair with the military-industrial complex bankrupted the treasury many years ago. Many of us have grown very tired of this wearisome love affair.

My friend and I are also hung up in the doldrums of feeling unsupported.  There are feelings of disillusionment and non-closure over some past failures.  Countering the lack is our urge and motivation to bring closure and to bring about progress and acceptance of what cannot immediately be changed.

These are mental aspects that all of us have encountered. This is also the situation in which our nation and world is found.

TheHierophant-nobirdsIn an obscure way, the reversed Hierophant can be a trusted sign that brings our attention to what needs our attention. We can see where we’ve been stuck in the decades old talking points and contentious wedge issues. The old quarrels are our excuses we indulge in order to avoid facing the truly major problems of our times.

The upright Hierophant indicates inner and outer conscience. It also represents alliance, captivity, mercy, goodness and marriage.  The reverse Hierophant indicates that all of these are being reevaluated. The orthodox definitions are incomplete.  The orthodox practices are undergoing radical expansions.

The reverse Hierophant is a reminder that the world must move forward.  How well will we meet this continuing change?


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes we all can learn to more fully trust ourselves.


About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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