Candleholders …Floral Friday

Through the years, various candleholders have accumulated in my home, either as gifts or as impulse purchases.  Since I have largely converted to pillar battery candles for safety reasons, I have plenty of the small containers on hand.  The only place I use actual flame candles is at my meditation shrine. Most of these candleholders are too attractive to stash away in storage, so I figured out one way to utilize them.


I happen to have two “Home Interiors” deco-inspired votive candle globes. Why not hijack one of them to use as a base for a flame-inspired miniature arrangement?  The reds and yellows work with the Manhattan Style crystal to bring warmth to the room.


The steel and glass construction of this Mexican creation is a solid container for a tealight or a light-hearted, whimsical splash of floral design.


I wanted a contemporary appearance for this medium size, chrome and glass candleholder.  I decided to utilize water marbles as the mechanicals and to enhance the pristine approach to the design.  I stretched out a couple of cotton balls to provide cover and unity to top of the base. A solo Gerbera Daisy is all that is necessary for this to work.

J 7-1-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness notes that candleholders are inexpensive solutions to use for your spur of the moment creative urges.

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