Circular …Floral Friday

Serendipity ruled for my choice of Floral Friday theme today.  While looking for a floral frog, I pulled a few vases off the shelf for easy access.  After I found the errant mechanical, I glanced at the array of vases on the floor and noticed that they all had overtly circular shapes. It didn’t take more than a second to decide what to do with them.


The red vase with the offset hole is perfect for simple elegance and shape.  The bold red glaze is mellowed by light tinted blooms.  When I finished the arrangement, I noticed two underlying themes.  The first has a red, white, and blue American touch.  A stronger theme is of Japan with the rising sun underlying a windswept seascape.


If chrysanthemums were the only kind of flower on Earth, I wouldn’t mind too much.  This particular variety is my all-time favorite flower.  A very basic, simple trio of spider mums placed inside the orange and white circular vase is all that’s needed for a bold, eye popping statement.


The sea blue circle-shaped Ikebana vase is perfect for a traditional, contemplative composition.  While cleaning up the yard after a severe wind storm, I found an intriguing weather beaten elm twig.  Later, I anchored that twig into the vase to use as the framework for this Ikebana.

These examples prove that sometimes you’re better off just rolling with whatever comes your way.

J 7-1-01

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