Formes Plus Animales …Floral Friday

If you can find an animal shaped flower container or planter, you will have an item that will add a special touch to a room.  They serve double duty as a conversation piece and a base, around which, to try out your hand at simple floral composition.FF022114a

Because various animals are a part of our natural environment, they have long been an inspiration for artistic expression through the ages.  In the early 20th Century, fine quality, art pottery in the shape of animals was manufactured for people’s enjoyment.  I decided to bring you another Floral Friday post that features a few animal shaped planters.

This ice blue bear cub measures only three and a half inches tall.  It’s one item from a line of novelty pieces listed in the 1930 product line from Haeger potteries.  There’s not much room for anything but a few strategically placed flowers.  I continued the blue theme with carnations and moss roses.

I happened across this beautiful black rooster vase a couple of weeks ago and decided to bring him home.  It is labeled “Nor-So handpainted 24K gold” This line was produced from around 1948 into the very early 1950s. There’s a small opening on his back where I placed a trio of sunflowers accented by hobby shop dyed feathers. This is a perfect way to accent the kitchen to warm up a nippy February day.

I’m not certain who manufactured this black panther on a log planter.  There were many variants of panther figures, lamp bases, teevee lamps, and panther planters.  Most of them were finished with glossy, black glaze, a very few can be found in light green, dull red, or brown.  Black panther accent pieces were a huge decorating fad in the late 1940s into the 1950s.  But their appeal has never really faded away.

This example has guarded my dreams in the bedroom for at least a couple of decades.  The log base features three openings for plants or arrangements.  I decided to go all out with a selection of vintage plastic flowers. I finished it with a dried lotus flower plus a mix of vintage and contemporary greenery to give this a tropical theme.

Is there an animal shaped planter in your house somewhere?   Why not dust it off and bring your creative ideas to life?

J 7-1-01

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this quote from Groucho Marx, “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”


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