Damaged Goods …Floral Friday

When garage sailing or attending auctions, I usually encounter some attractive, unique items.  Because I enjoy old pottery, I end up picking up an item or two that has been damaged in some way.  While chips, cracks, or repair will severely diminish the resale value of the piece, I still don’t want to discard it.  The damage can add a shabby charm to a flower arrangement.

Because of some visible damage, I was able to pick up today’s featured containers for next to nothing.  As always, the images are clickable to enlarge.

You might think the worn red paint details of this Shawnee rooster was the problem.  Not so much.  The damage is a series of small chips on the tail and base of the piece.  The rooster planter is small, so I kept the flowers very simple.  Yellow mini-roses and red berries harmonize the color theme.


This beautifully detailed Hull art pottery vase was repaired with Super Glue.  You can see the sloppy fix on the left side of the base.  Also, there is an unrepaired chip at the same location.  I wonder how the vase suffered the breakage without harming the more fragile handles.  This container works well with a very informal scattering of spring blooms, instead of a formal style that I’d use on an excellent vase.


This medium size McCoy flower pot is very attractive, but there is severe glaze crazing and staining on the interior. In this case, the damage is easily concealed by the act of using the pot.  I wanted to balance the mustard yellow glaze with flowers that reflect the other two primary colors.  The result is an old-fashioned spring display.

The next time you spot some damaged pottery, don’t pass it by.  The flaws will give you the freedom to actually enjoy using an old piece.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you have a happy, creative weekend.

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