Fun With Finds …Floral Friday

I went shopping without leaving the house or using the Internet.  I made a short descent into the basement to browse one of the plastic “tote” containers to see what I’d forgotten from the past.ff042514a

I often place items into storage to make room for more recent purchases.  This practice puts things into limbo and allows me to forget about them, for awhile.  Now, there are so many “totes” that I don’t want to purchase any more of them. It’s been culling and assessment time.

I don’t even remember purchasing this golden Japanese vase.  Maybe it’s been in the basement for a decade?  The time is right to finally use the thing.  The flashy faux-deco vase calls out for brilliant pastels.  This is a fun project for an overcast afternoon.


I have all three sizes of these “moon and stars” jardinières by Robinson Ransbottom potteries of Roseville, Ohio.  There were two of the small size pots in the basement, so why not use one of them?  Brilliant, firey Gerbera daisies make a bold statement in this application.


The “cat and dog” spinning wheel planters by McCoy were popular in the early 1950s.  This one needed deep cleaning.  The original dog lead was missing, so I fashioned one out of an old necklace chain as a temporary fix.  A variety of spring blooms add brilliance to the too much, Earthy brown color of the container.

Do you have some forgotten goodies stashed away in storage?  Now might be a good time to find out.


The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this quote from Le Corbusier:  “The home should be the treasure chest of living.”


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Fun With Finds …Floral Friday

  1. gpcox says:

    My favorite is the spinning wheel!

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