In A Different Light …Floral Friday

It was one of those days when I actually felt aggressively productive.  The feeling is less common than it used to be, so I wanted to ride the ambition while it lasted.  A little bit of writing was wrapped up before 6:00AM and my second cup of joe was dry.  Why not put together some arrangements?  I’ve never done that sort of activity in the early morning.  Not only will the personal attitude be different, but so will the lighting.

The natural light was abundant.  It streamed into the East windows at a low angle.  The sunlight cast its beams onto some containers that I’d neglected for awhile.  So, I picked out a few, then gathered the other materials.


A really cheap, German made, yellow pot inspired fun and vibrancy.  I placed a large, purple iris in the very center. I then brought in some large-leafed ivy around the perimeter of the pot.  More blooms of colors that harmonized with the yellow container and purple iris were used to fill out the shape and visual effects of the arrangement.


Indian brass containers are quite enjoyable to view unadorned.  But I really like to use them as foils for my imagination.  The Ewer pitcher vase only needs a very simple touch to enhance its shape and material.  A rectangle of sunlight shined on a handful of pink carnations.  Even though I’d been planning to use a trio of roses, the carnations in the sun were auspicious.  Why not combine them for a unique effect?


Finally, the medium size, vintage Shawnee vase with a pearlized texture and color was waiting for it’s completion. A base of three large, yellow roses worked as the foundation as I built up a structure of various pastel reds and yellows for an eye popping brilliant splash of lightness.

The time came to photograph the three pots.  I placed them on the pedestal, by turns, against the white East wall of the west facing living room.  The bright sun reflected off of the neighboring white garage into the windows.  I took full advantage of the brilliance to set up existing light images.  (The images are clickable.)

The final results are subtly different from my usual afternoon creations.  More morning practice is needed so I can become more proficient at making these things up at any time of day or night.


mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness enjoys this quip from Elbert Hubbard.  “Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”

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