Happy World No Tobacco Day

Many of us former tobacco smokers have some story about how we managed to quit cancer sticks.  Some claim they simply decided to quit, “cold turkey”.  Others, like me, went through some mild sort of hell as they struggled to stop tobacco use.  Whether it was psychological, physiological or both, I suffered through withdrawal symptoms each time I tried cutting back or stopping the habit.

After several attempts on my own, I asked my physician for help.  I had heard about “The Patch” and wanted to use it.  He wanted to try a different approach.  He gave NoTobacco-artme a free trial box of four blood pressure reduction patches.  My doctor advised me to line up somebody to give me  rides for a month.  Because I don’t have high blood pressure, the medication would make me feel drunk or spacy, so driving or operating dangerous equipment was out of the question. I was to apply the first patch before bed the following day.  Each patch  was to remain on me for a week at a time.

I still vividly remember the sequence of events of that early February morning in 1988, I performed a small ceremony.  I took one cigarette out of the half-smoked pack of “Merit Ultra Light Menthol” cigarettes and placed it in my mouth.  Then I removed the rest of the cigarettes then crushed and broke them up.  I dropped the mess into the outdoor garbage can along with the empty package.  I lit the last cigarette with my Bic lighter, then tossed the lighter into the garbage.  I then focused on fully enjoying my last cigarette.  I did so, clear down to the filter.  I then flicked the butt into a snowbank.  My favorite ashtray went to the trash next. The last thing I did, was to apply one of the patches to my left arm, near the shoulder.

Indeed, that was the very last time I smoked or used any sort of tobacco product. I fought the urge to give in, for about a week, until the desire finally subsided.  Three weeks later, I determined there was no need for the fourth patch.  I was free, at last.

Now, I can’t stand the odor of burning tobacco.  I’m able to smell the residue on the body and clothing of anyone who steps outdoors to smoke.  It’s an odor I hate.

When waiting at a check out lane at the supermarket or the gasoline station, I sometimes ponder the price of cigarettes.  It’s a wonder why anybody would consider starting a cigarette habit when they must pay such high prices per pack.  I feel sorry for folks who are still hooked.  Many of them get by on limited income.  I know what it’s like to sacrifice grocery money in order to afford to buy cigarettes.


A good friend and my younger brother both ended up paying the ultimate price for tobacco use.  So, yes, I advocate for the non-smoking cause.

The World Health Organization has designated each May 31st as World No Tobacco Day.  This is when we increase public awareness about the hazards of tobacco use and abuse.  Today is when educational messages are given about the strategies of the tobacco industry.  Information is also made available that promotes healthy habits and lifestyle choices.  The idea is to outline the disadvantages of tobacco use and the advantages of being tobacco free. The focus is on protecting future generations from the scourge of tobacco use.

Although there are increased restrictions about tobacco promotion and advertising in the United States and other Western nations, people, elsewhere, are still subjected to aggressive and manipulative advertising campaigns.

Despite the overwhelming evidence and widespread information about the harmful effects of tobacco use, it’s surprising that many youths are experiencing nicotine dependence. One of the best times to quit, is when a person is still young enough to more easily interrupt the habit.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to discourage tobacco use, is through price increases. For World No Tobacco Day 2014, the WHO is calling on countries toNoTobacco-banner increase taxes on tobacco and tobacco products. Increasing excise and luxury taxes on tobacco is considered as the most cost effective tobacco control measure.  This is also an effective way to generate additional revenue that can be allocated to health spending in third world nations.

Tobacco use remains as one of humanity’s major ills.  6,000,000 people die each year as a result of tobacco use.  Even non-smokers are affected.  Over 600,000 of those deaths come about from breathing second-hand smoke.  Everyone needs to be involved in solving the tobacco use problem.

moi1988bThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Bob Dylan. “I stopped smoking.  When I stopped smoking, my voice changed–so drastically, I couldn’t believe it myself.”

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3 Responses to Happy World No Tobacco Day

  1. Amanda says:

    Even being in the medical field… still not sure I understand the logic behind use of a time released patch giving a constantly dosing blood pressure lowering medication.. for curbing &/or quitting smoking- ESP to anyone who has a normal B/P otherwise; One would think doing so, could have been pretty dangerous, actually. Thankfully, it wasn’t & worked.. tho, personally, not sure I would’ve been willing or comfortable going 3-4 “weeks”… all while trying to work?, be at home, etc… + not able to drive…. feeling constantly drunk/spacey/faint/light-headed + all the other things being in a state of low-blood-pressure may bring– for any reason. LOL Congrats to you tho- since you were probably “READY” too—- but for whatever reason, it did work! =). Important thing is… you were fine & got through it… but most importantly, you were able to finally rid that beast for good this time! Nicely done! As a (former) 1.5-2 pack per day, 26+ year smoker myself, I know first-hand the tight grip cigarettes can have! That being said, many advances have been made since 1988 & after doing a ton of research.. in an attempt to cut down some- both for my own health AND because of the cost (today.. nearly $10 PER pack my friend.. yes… $10+, depending where! A year ago, in the city- even saw $12 PER PACK. At every corner, I used to swear.. if it ever got to $3 per, that would be IT. =/ OK, well.. maybe $4?… =| $5? ..anyone, anyone.. Bueller ?!? LOL Dammit, ok, fine.. IF it reaches $6, pfft, I’m done, done I tell ya! =( Ummm, can I get a.. $7.. $7.. wait, make that $8.. DO I HEAR $8.50?! =P -yeah, you get the point. I’m sure many others can relate to that exact scenario too, unfortunately) …looking to at least cut down some (actually… never even tried “quitting” before, SO afraid of failure.. didn’t wanna suffer all that— just to end up going back!) everything I researched told me to try an electronic-cigarette! It’s NOT smoking- so I’ve always HATED that whole, “cig” connotation… Personally, I much prefer: “vaping”.. or “APV- advanced personal vaporizer”… even, “ENDS -electronic nicotine delivery system”– my fav one) Got what I found to be one of the better devices, some atomizers & e-juice & off I went…. After 26 years….. & only 2 days later, I was stopped dead in my tracks.. & literally had to do a double-take…. wondering how in the – #&!@ – it was possible that I still had nearly the same entire pack of cigarettes sitting there… that I had the day before?!? =o Had to go check to make sure I just didn’t forget opening a new one at some point.. No?! Ohhh c’mon… wait… how…. when….. IS that even possible?! Most shocking… was the not even noticing part!?! So, yup…. without even noticing OR trying at all…. & not even meaning to… yet, SO unbelievably easily…. a disgusting, dangerous, harmful to others, smelly, expensive twenty six year habit/obsession/addiction.. call it what you will…. relationship with Newport-100 Cigarettes… had just.. without effort…. come to an end.. an END! YES!!!! Gotta love that– Pffft, never trying to quit before…. who knew it would be SO easy?! Surely not me! Nor any of the other people who have so easily done the exact same, I’m sure. ~Only wish that I knew about them sooner, ya know? Happy I found it when I did, at least. Here I am almost 2 years later & the thought of cigarettes OR ever “smoking” another one- absoluckinflutely grosses me out to no end. I’m much happier AND healthier (as is everyone NOT getting my 2nd hand smoke anymore)….. with my much safer, alternative…. that I’m still able to get nicotine with, if I so choose. (no different than caffeine) but without all those 4000+ known dangerous chemicals & carcinogens.. in traditional cigs! If I decide to vape forever… so what. I’m not worried about that & am thrilled to not be smoking! The FDA/Big tobacco companies are losing MAJOR $ because of all those who don’t spend money on cigarettes anymore & after an attempt to make a product themselves to get a piece of the e-cig market, at least… & it failing big time… they’ve resorted to media & scare tactics to both keep people from trying e-cigs to the worst possible… trying to ban/regulate &/or deem them attractive to kids.. because of their “flavors” (1 of the craziest things I’ve heard in a long time… Ummm, ever see bubble gum cigars or candy cigs that have been around for 50+ yrs? How about flavored vodkas?? 5hr energy? cough medicines? If teens want ’em, they’re gonna get ’em, legal… or not. ALL media stuff has been scare tactics.. hoping to RE-line their pockets & keep people smoking or send ’em back to! With that last part, morally—- frankly, IDK how they sleep at night it’s so wrong what they’re doing! Besides, (stepping OUTSIDE my parent circle for a second) … even IF….. as someone who started smoking at 12… if older teens/young adults ARE vaping for whatever reason…….Well, they……. aren’t ……… SMOKING!!) Anyway, A big congrats to both of us, esp. today- on World NO tobacco day! WOO-HOOOO! A huge thumbs-up & props go out to anyone else no longer being held prisoner by that horrid, ugly monster… we know all too well, & hate, called “tobacco cigarettes”! (for further info: people can Google: CASAA…& IMPROOF… & check out: GrimmGreen &/or PBusardo on Youtube too) Thanks for the article & VAPE ON, VAPE STRONG. 🙂

  2. Happy World No Tobacco Day | bluejayblog

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