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The Hole In The Ground At Kola

Jorge and I had just finished watching James Dean’s last movie, “Giant”, yet again. The movie about an oil tycoon triggered a discussion about very deep holes in the ground. I wondered about how deep anyone has managed to drill … Continue reading

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Seashells …Floral Friday

I’m not a conchologist nor do I have a driving need to study marine mollusks.  I’m just one of many folks who enjoy looking at and collecting seashells.  Because I live in a landlocked State, the opportunity to collect them … Continue reading

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Review)

Somehow the topic of music came up at my sister’s house the other day.  She had managed to find a handful of bargains at a sale and that she liked nearly all of them except for one CD.  My sis … Continue reading

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Will Power

You and I have probably seen hundreds of advertisements for products that sell fast and easy diets, supplements or bizzarre exercise gadgets that claim to work wonders if you take advantage of a special offer to purchase the items.  Often, … Continue reading

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Ford Versus Chrysler Falcon Cars

American Baby boomers probably remember the compact car called the Falcon.  Millions of them were built and sold by Ford Motor Company.  The humble looking car is actually more interesting than you’d think, at first glance. The marketing name for … Continue reading

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Jefferson Davis Is Captured

American history students may remember that on April 9, 1865, that Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appromattox, Virginia, to effectively end the American Civil War.  This is usually thought of as … Continue reading

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No Place To Hide (Review)

I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Glenn Greenwald’s new book and its appearance in the public library.  So, I was quite pleased to see it on the day after its release, parked on one of the shelves in … Continue reading

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