Snazzy …Floral Friday

My paternal grandfather used to enjoy knotting up a bold necktie; slipping into a foxy jacket; then sliding behind the wheel of his mighty snazzy 1957 BelAir.  He died many, many years ago, but his favorite adjective, snazzy, conjures up images of him in my mind. 062014c

Snazzy isn’t merely “nice”, nor very attractive.  Snazzy is the state of being stylish without being gaudy. Grandpa J is who I had in mind, while creating today’s arrangements.

A Royal Copley vase with ivy detailing is what brought the adjective to my mind.  So I decided to jazz it up a little more with some bright colors.  Into vertical mechanicals of light-green leaves, I placed Gerbera Daisies, Mums, and a few roses for impact. Various smaller flowers fill out the shape.


The raspberry-red swan planter was manufactured by “Artistic Potteries of Los Angeles”.  Most pottery firms have marketed their own versions of swan planters, but this one is quite snazzy.  There’s no getting past the fact that the container is the star. To outshine this swan would be to cross into  very tacky territory.  A simple, clean gathering of small, pastels is called for here.


Grandpa J was partial to flat, leaf vases, like this one from Royal Haeger.  This particularly handsome example inspired me to take a few extra steps towards unconventionality.  All of the ingredients have been grouped around the evergreen branches.

What about you?  Do you have something snazzy?  Why not bring it out to enjoy?

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness remembers one of Grandpa J’s snazzy sayings.  “The sleepy fox catches no chickens.”

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