Some Thoughts About Celebration

Tomorrow, the United States celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  The holiday is the first real national celebration of Summer.  Like most nations’ founding day celebration-02commemorations, Independence Day in the US is a really big deal.  Most of us Americans think of the high ideals upon which the nation was built.

Sometimes the boundary between throwing a party, and holding a celebration gets blurred.  Oftentimes, folks will just get together for an impromptu fling.  College students having keggers is one way of just partying for the sake of a party.  On the other hand, college graduation might also include a last-fling kegger.  The latter is part of the celebration in honor of an accomplishment. celebration-01

I’ve never been much of a drinker, so I only attended one kegger in my entire life.  The only reason I did, was to fill the role of designated driver for a couple of my friends.  I didn’t like the idea of them getting all liquored up and then driving home afterwards.  Even though I’m not priggish, what I witnessed at that party, affirmed my dislike of drunken behavior.

I do enjoy a fun party, though.  Birthday parties, wedding parties, graduation celebrateparties, and the like are great times to celebrate a rite of passage or a momentous accomplishment.

Celebrations are more memorable and meaningful. One positive thing about a celebration, is that you don’t need to throw a huge party to have one.  One or two people can join you for  the special occasion in a light-hearted, pleasant way and come away from the experience feeling happy and fulfilled.

At its best, celebrations symbolize friendships and harmonious relationships.  They commemorate the openness between others and the spirit of helpfulness and affinity towards each other.   A celebration is an extention of the quality time that is normally spent with our loved ones.  I think celebrations are essential ingredients to fortify human relationships.  It doesn’t matter how humble the celebration is, the act of celebrating an anniversary, or rite of passage, or some other important event brings people closer to each other.

Deep inside, we all honestly appreciate times of real celebration with folks who are special to us.  Celebrations are times when we let our guard down and discover feelings of sensitivity, sympathy, and solidarity with our loved ones and peers.  This is one reason we also hold the luncheon or social hour following a funeral.  The need for an informal celebration of the deceased person’s life and legacy seems instinctive.  In this modern age, a funeral party often also serves as a reunion for many families.celebration-03

Even us loners need some sort of social celebration.  There are times when we need to put on hold the worries and hassles of day to day living.  A celebration is the perfect time to join one or more of our cohorts together for the sake of enjoying one another’s company.  Celebrations provide the opportunity for us to recharge each other before we return to the mundane world of everyday reality.

Celebrations strengthen community and groups of people who have come together to work towards common goals for the greater good.  Celebrations are the positive, reaching out to one another to affirm bonds and unity.  Celebration is a time of upbeat energy and passion that we share. A celebration is the affirmation of successes along life’s path.

Celebrations, like Independence Day, are how we get back in touch with our fellow citizens and reconnect with the values that everyone shares as a nation.  In the case of tomorrow’s holiday, we affirm the rights, of all of us, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

l rm a 07-01The Blue Jay of Happiness reminds everyone to celebrate with care and consideration.

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2 Responses to Some Thoughts About Celebration

  1. gpcox says:

    I am so looking forward to the 4th – hope you have a wonderful day!!

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