Clean Up Day …Floral Friday

The Spring cleaning has merged into Summer cleaning regarding the collectables that have accumulated around the house.   There were a few that have remained semi-permanent displays.  The kind of decoration that you overlook, but you’d notice if it went missing.  I decided it was time to clean them up and make them noticeable once again.

The first one to recapture my attention is a black 19-inches tall Royal Haeger 408 Ewer Vase. Even though this large piece is being used as part of a room divider, the dried, tall jungle grass looked cliche’ and rundown.  Here was an excuse to use a couple of very large faux tropical flowers that had been in storage for a couple of years.  I used window cleaner on the vase then carefully placed the floral elements inside. There was no more of the humdrum handful of stems and sticks in vases, non-idea, that we see in countless home interior magazine photos.


The pair of fighting roosters wallpockets are actually in front of me several times each day.  They hang over the kitchen sink.  I see them, but rarely really study their forms.  I did happen to notice, this week, that they had some water spots. The flowers and feathers had become haggard and out of place. Everything was soaked in soapy water, except the feathers and pussy willows, which were replaced. The entire look was recreated to as close as my original from a few years ago.


Finally, a very old wallpocket over the refrigerator needed some pizzaz.  Again, this one had been in place for a few years and I wanted to keep it there.  The roses and fill flowers looked tired and worn out, so I tossed them.  The vase got a careful wash and dry treatment.  Small flowers seemed to be the right elements to carry through the rustic theme of the appliqués on the front of the wallpocket.

These were satisfying projects in that I have the vases where I want them and they have a cleaner and fresh appearance once again.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this saying from David Sedaris: “The combination of ammonia and chloride can be lethal but I’ve discovered it can work miracles as long as you keep telling yourself, “I want to love, I want to live””

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