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I witnessed dad’s demeanor metamorphose dramatically during my visit to the nursing home the other day.  He has been quite passive and overly cautious ever since his fall in November. Dad decided to sell his old power garden tiller, in … Continue reading

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Happy Hot Dog Day

I realize that National Junk Food Day was celebrated the day before yesterday, so I briefly wondered whether or not to write a backgrounder on National Hot Dog Day. Since it’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I decided another light … Continue reading

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Save The Bison

Wildlife conservation and concern about the environment aren’t the relative latecomers to activism that many of us imagine.   There have been pockets of concerned citizens who have made it their missions to preserve the native creatures of our homeland. One … Continue reading

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Happy Junk Food Day

My across the street neighbor brought up the topic of junk food, because he’s aware that I like to investigate odd topics.  Eddie wondered how I was planning to celebrate National Junk Food Day.  I replied that I didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Life

My friend Jorge looked out the window to the hazy yard and remarked that he suddenly felt very philosophical.  Many people become lost in thought and wonder about the meaning of life when they ponder a foggy scene.  He laughed as … Continue reading

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The Demise of Flight 232

My eyes moisten at the thought of what happened about 77 miles to the northeast of my home one Summer afternoon 25 years ago.  United Airlines Flight 232 was midway through an unremarkable trip from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois. … Continue reading

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Little Accents …Floral Friday

Many of us have small, decorative whatnots around the home.  They’re too attractive to just put away but can look like clutter if simply placed on a shelf, as is.  I brought out three doodads that can be easily converted … Continue reading

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