Variété de Vases …Floral Friday


I haven’t been “garage sailing” all Summer, until this week, because I’m trying to downsize my clutter.  However, I noticed that a driveway, a few houses away from mine, was crowded with people pouring over tables of stuff.  I had to at least walk down the block to investigate.  It turns out that the family is moving to Minnesota later this month and they need to liquidate their belongings.


I helped them lighten their load by bringing home an old vase, by an unknown manufacturer that’s quite decorative.  The thing is much more fancy than objects I usually keep in my home.  The price was right, so why not?  I was pleased that the appliques were undamaged.  Usually, items like this have a chipped or broken flower or leaf, so I carefully examined it to make sure.

Judging by the details, the vase was probably issued sometime around the 1920s.FF080114c Notice the little girl’s hair style, lipstick, and eyelashes. Even though the vase has an artistic style, it’s certainly not Art Deco.

Of a more practical nature, is the small mid-century cream pitcher.  It was intended as tableware but probably served as a vase during most of its existence.  Around an armature of irises, I scattered a crazy quilt variety of blooms to bring out a funky vibe.


The 1940s vintage McCoy two-handled vase reminds me of old fashioned, hot summers.  I’m not sure why, but some childhood experience is probably at fault in this instance.  To share the feeling, I decided to use bold, bright shades of red and pink. Just a few, informally placed, blooms were necessary to pull this off.

I hope you found some inspiration in these idea starters, today.

The photos are clickable.


The Blue Jay of Happiness notes that it takes a variety of people and things to make the World great.

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2 Responses to Variété de Vases …Floral Friday

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    I love 20th.c. ceramics – studio pottery rather than mass produced stuff; but I can appreciate the kitsch and coolness of the piece featured at the top of this post. The arrangement with the pitcher looks wonderful by the way.

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