Presque Minimaliste …Floral Friday

Yves Klein "Monochrome Painting"

Yves Klein “Monochrome Painting”

I’ve been contemplating a book about artistic Minimalism this week, enjoying the total simplicity of the style.  The illustrations are of artistic works with elements stripped down to only the bare essentials.  A perfect example is Yves Klein’s “Monochrome Painting”

I got to wondering how I could interpret minimalism into the floral arts.  It might consist of a dandelion in a jelly jar, or, at most, a solitary Gerbera Daisy as a modern Ikebana in a flat saucer. I’m going to keep thinking about this concept awhile longer.

In the meantime, I decided to go for “Presque Minimaliste” (nearly minimalist) as today’s theme for Floral Friday. I want to express a decorative appeal with the fewest amount of elements.

A couple of weeks ago, during the lawnmowing chore, I encountered a single miniature daisy growing in the yard.  I stopped the mower, uprooted the entire plant, then placed it in water until I could do something creative with it.  Later, I decided to place it inside of an ornate Indian candleholder, roots and all.

A “Frisco” brand planter made in Japan is the base for a conventional-looking planting.  The basic floral elements of pot, foliage, and flowers, appear in a most simplified manner, to manifest as a more complex appearance.

A Japanese made triple cornucopia vase was the original inspiration for today’s FF081514jattempts at Presque Minimaliste. A simple form in the primary color of yellow called out for red and green elements for completion.

A contemporary cobalt blue bottle with red rim holds a stem of orchids supported by buds and grasses in an uplifting composition.

A vintage golden leaf vase by Savoy is the foundation for an exercise in simplicity that has the appearance of complexity.  We have a pot, some buds, some foliage, and a pink fill element.


So here is the result of my little mind play, today. The photos are clickable, as always.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes what Colin Wright said about minimalism. “You sell off the kingdom, piece by piece, and trade it for a horse that will take you anywhere.”

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