The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987

The Summer of 1987 marked a mild renewal of fascination with New Age type topics for me.  My attention was focussed particularly on mid-August for a couple of reasons.  Convergence-posterMy birthday signaled curiosity about my astrological forecast. Of more interest, was the hoopla concerning something called the Harmonic Convergence.

Some of my cohorts forecasted predictions of a utopian new world and the actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  The end of one major cycle was to end on Sunday the 16th.  The beginning of the new, harmonious, idyllic age was to dawn the next day, my birthday.  It wasn’t only my friends and acquaintances talking about the Harmonic Convergence, the event had become a media circus, too.

Even if you couldn’t actually be in places like Sedona, Arizona, or the San Francisco Bay Area, a person could participate in the Harmonic Convergence by guided meditations in which you would “center” yourself and focus on global spiritual awakening to prevent planetary destruction by negative vibrations.  It was to be a time of looking inward and outward in a worldwide effort of healing and purification.Convergence-symbols

The Harmonic Convergence was couched in terms used in the practice of astrology.  Of particular note were the planetary alignments called conjunctions and trines.  An astrological conjunction is defined as planets aligned, as in a row, with each other.  A trine is the configuration, on a horoscope, of planets three signs apart, or about 120-degrees away from each other. Both conjunctions and trines are considered to be auspicious aspects.

The Harmonic Convergence of August 16th and 17th in 1987 was described as a “grand conjunction” consisting of the perfect alignment or conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the sign of Leo.  In turn the conjunction was trined by Jupiter in Aries along with Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius.

When I looked at the charts for that day, my skepticism kicked in.  There were some major omissions that were being ignored or neglected by the promoters of the Harmonic Convergence.

The fact that Neptune was in Capricorn and Pluto was in Scorpio was dismissed because the two planets were in an unfavorable configuration with Leo.  More disappointing, was that the Moon, which is very important to Earthlings, was located in Gemini. The Moon location would tend to greatly mellow any effect of the Sun in Leo.


The mish-mash that was defined by a non-perfect alignment of all the planets and the Moon seemed very contrived.  I thought it was pieced together because August 16th correlated with the supposed end of the Aztec and Mayan Calendars.  Instead of destroying my growing disillusionment and skepticism of the New Age, the combination of factors fueled even more discernment.

More and more, publicity about other events, that were supposed to happen during the Harmonic Convergence, came to the public’s attention.  There was a faction who believed that the biblical “rapture” was to happen on August 16th.  There were predictions of a final global war to be triggered on that day. Others were convinced that a great alien “mothership” would arrive to carry away “enlightened” humans to another dimension in the Galaxy. This was probably inspired by the popular movie “Cocoon”. The movie’s characters were taken aboard a spaceship to save them from a doomed Earth.

There was another set of Harmonic Convergence enthusiasts who believed that the effects would “manifest” on a more subtle level.  They thought that the Earth was like a “chosen” place, an extremely special, powerful planet.  Earth was being observed by inter-terrestrial “entities”, some race of “higher consciousness beings”, and the “God-Force” itself.  The beings were to guide Earth-inhabitants through a paradigm shift of metamorphosis, “re-birth”, and total spiritual transformation.Convergence-SedonaAZ
The exact nature of this shift was up for speculation, but most Harmonic believers were convinced that it would be mostly “positive”.  The entire mindset of people would be changed to enable the coming cuddly utopia of wonderfulness.

Despite my growing skepticism, I still remembered that my own astrological chart matched up with the Harmonic Convergence’s planetary alignments.  A big part of me wished that it could all be true.  My birth horoscope shows three planets in Leo plus other important aspects in that sign. My “Leonine” nature (and ego) was primed for something big. I was “destined” to become a guide or messenger for the “truth”, especially since it all was to happen on my 35th natal anniversary, a personally significant number according to numerology. (3+5=8)

I figured there could be no harm in letting go and allowing myself to converge with the convergence.  I checked out the various writings and teachings about the dawning of the “new age” and reviewed some of what I already owned.  I visualized the shift of the alleged “resonant frequency of 8 Hz that was the “tone” of the past 1,000 years. The “vibration” was to speed up to 13 Hz.  This change was to enable the destruction of “artificial barriers” between our individual spirit beings and the collective “universal” consciousness.

August 16th was to be the date of the World entering the “Zero Point” when the Earth’s maximum energy and magnetic fields would prepare our “manifest physical bodies” for “The Shift Of The Ages”.  The total, complete repatterning of the expression of human consciousness. Sunday was to be the beginning of the end of the 26,000 year cycle of evolution.  August 17th was to begin the 25-year culmination of the 5,125-year “Great Historical Cycle”. Both of these cycles were scheduled to end in the year 2012.

Sunday the 16th of August rolled around, and I sat in guided meditation during the proscribed and the recommended spans of time that had been publicized. Keeping an open mind, I followed through and performed the same activities, meditated, and contemplated on the 17th, as well.  I gladly contributed my time and energy to the Convergence.  I’m still wondering when utopia will arrive.

I do regret not being able to join in the party-like atmosphere at Sedona, Arizona.

moi1986bThe Blue Jay of Happiness discovered a telling statement from spiritual lecturer, Marianne Williamson. “To me, when I think of New Age, I think of crystals, and rainbows, and platitudes.”

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15 Responses to The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987

  1. herongrace says:

    It was a fun, synchro zapping time. I was there. It’s impossible to evaluate the significance of so many people trying to come together and direct energy positively. An interesting time in history.
    Let’s not forget that less than 2 years later over a 6 month period in 1989, we watched in joy and disbelief the collapse 1 after the other of many European communist countries.

  2. Jeri says:

    i was born on august 17, 1987 and was pretty astonished to find out about the “harmonic convergence” maybe 2 or 3 years ago. pretty odd birthday.

    • swabby429 says:

      Nice to know another native of August 17th. Thanks for reading.

    • Josh says:

      I was born August 16th 1987, in Shasta General Hospital on the side of Mt Shasta, and I too only found out about the harmonic convergence later on in life, about 5-6 years ago from date of this writing (8-22-2020). it was a huge impact on me and made a lot of sense with it being said that the global meditation of Harmonic Convergence was to pray/meditate/manifest world peace and to usher in the 144,000 souls from on high that would help cyclic karma-bound spirits here, along with Mother Gaia. She called for help as well and i hear there was a planetary alignment around this convergence so perhaps that was used in higher dimensions by the spirit of the earth to put in the call. I do believe many of us heard it. Crazy as that all might sound, it resonates well with most all people i meet born during this time, as well as other indigos and ascendant minded beings. However, i do admit that i know nothing for sure and might be in a fantasy land, but that being said, all i want is for humanity to love one another and work together in harmony through cooperation and compassion in all aspects of life for anchors of consciousness in existence, for all souls, and all of it for the betterment of this our mother earth. We have to start caring for one another and taking better care of the earth or it won’t last. Like the times before that civilizations built up to power on earth back before our recorded history many many times.

      I am so interested in meeting or talking to other people born during this time to see if they are like me. I have seen that most are, having had a spiritual immune system, so to speak, they’ve all shrugged off the world-views that make no sense and awoke to a higher truth than the one given to the “general population” to dupe them into creating what ‘they’ wish in this consensus-view co-created reality, subverting our powers of creation against us as a whole to make us fabricate and uphold our own prison, the one people born during this time of harmonic convergence, i find, are awake to and are trying to break out of. The ‘powers that be’ calling the shots in shadows lost a long time ago, even before we showed up. We see straight through the the ‘norm’ or ‘status quo’.

      I made a facebook group called “Born During 1st Harmonic Convergence: 8-16 thru 8-17 in 1987; Mt Shasta” which can be reached via domain forwarding @ . I was/am trying to reach out, for reasons unknown to me at this time as i’m just following a urge or feeling, to others of this time. They portaled in lots of us it seams. Super neat!

      Awesome to find as many as I have. Good ole’ Interwebz eh? haha.

      Much love ❤ to you and yours, and to all, for we are LEGION for we are all one at the top. Down here we’re ‘separate’ so zoomed into creation and boxed into the awareness of a very densely vibrating ‘human on earth’ existence, but regardless of the higher vibbratory dimensions/densities (think higher on the electromagnetic spectrum, which is light with waves vibrating faster than visible light, and we can’t see these higher freq’s w/out instrument. A part can be cut in half infinitely many times, or doubled just the same, so in honor of ‘as above so below’ the frequency of photons of ‘light'(all em spectrum is light, all photons in different states/freqs) can increase infinitely as well. We only see a tiny fragment of the whole spectrum as a whole, so from infrared(red) wavelenghts up to ultra-violet(violet/purple) wavelengths contains what we can see with our naked eyes and that is only (0.0035%(Thirty Five Ten-Thousandths of one Percent) that we call ‘reality.’ Because thats all we can see. Beyond red and violet are many other kinds of light our human eyes can’t see both above and below visible light, much like there are sounds our ears can’t hear. On one end of the electromagnetic spectrum (or what we’ve measured of it to date) are radio waves, which have wavelengths billions of times longer than those of visible light. On the other end of the spectrum are gamma rays, with wavelengths billions of times smaller than those of visible light. Both of which extremes we cannot view without instrumentation or using spiritual divination techniques. Plus with the scale of wavelengths going on forever in both directions going on p past what we have ever measured, easy to see how different ‘dimensions’ exist. Just how we can only hear in a certain range. but i digress. lol.

      Hope you guys will check out which simply brings you straight to facebook to .

      sorry i get carried away. love you all!

  3. josh seal says:

    i was born on 8-16-1987 during the harmonic convergence in shasta county on the side of Mount Shasta. significant considering i’ve always been different and interested in advanced and different things than those around me.

    if you know anyone that was born during this time, then message me. i have a facebook group i just made so we can meet up because the other forum was shut down.

    indigo, star seed, or whatever you’d title it in your dualist mindframe 😉 i prefer light.

  4. REBCCa says:

    I was born too at time of harmonic convergence and the moment my mom’s water broke was the exact time of the 8planet alignment etc Aug 24evenig time and I was due actually August 18tj 1987an do also my dads birthday is August 17th and I just started developing Clair audible abilities suddenly at the time of the 5planrt alignment a cpl weeks ago

  5. beau brady says:

    hi, i was born in 1987 and I think I know the significance but ppl would accuse me of having a big head. but i was told who i was when i turned 30. and it should matter to ppl but everyone thinks its a joke

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