Matériaux …Floral Friday

Artists have long known that the nature of a substance affects the outcome of a project.  On the surface, this seems obvious.  After awhile, this fact finds its way into the recesses of

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

memory and is not consciously resourced.  It becomes reflexive or automatic.  I was reminded about this relationship between material and outcome, this week, during a discussion with an architect.

I gave this a little thought, then decided to purposely choose some containers and contents, strictly by what they’re made of.  I was surprised at the final results of the compositions.

I began by sifting through some storage containers in the basement, to see what they might yield.  First, I stumbled across some old souvenirs from Amsterdam that I’d forgotten about.  Right away, I knew that wood was going to be one of the materials.

Certainly, I was also influenced by the artifact, itself.  The wooden shoe triggered memories of a bike ride through the Dutch countryside.  Small, delicate flowers, like those I remembered, would complete this arrangement.



The next item needed a lot of extra effort, but I still wanted to use it.  The silver vase required a generous amount of polishing compound and plenty of elbow grease.  As I rubbed away, the idea for material and composition came to mind.   Steam-formed wood provides a perfect counterpoint to the shiny, industrial nature of polished metal.


A stoneware vase with an aboriginal theme triggered the immediate vision of a blend of the traditional with the avant-garde.  There was no hesitation as the composition came together intuitively.

I learned an important lesson with these experiments.  That is, I need to pay closer attention to the nature of the materials, themselves, when I take on a project.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness remembers a quote by Aesop.  “Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

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