Novelties …Floral Friday

I’ve long been amazed by the volume of flower containers that have been manufactured across the world.  It’s also interesting to ponder the containers that model animals, people, machines, and other artifacts.  There is probably some sort of figural planter to fit the interests and tastes of everyone.

In 1960, the McCoy pottery started a line of containers that was inexpensive and intended for direct sale to florists.  The pots would have a simple shape and be glazed in solid, basic colors that would not distract from a floral arrangement.  That pottery was named “Floraline”.


There were a few containers that departed from the “basic” design objective.  One of those was the “jalopy” planter. These are still relatively easy to find at quite inexpensive prices.  In this case, I filled one of my jalopies with a variety of brilliant reds and pinks to contrast with the avocado green container.


Small novelties abound with the label “Made In Japan”.  As years have passed, the quality of this once maligned place of origin has remained solid. This donkey cart is no exception.  I decided to accent this cheerful planter by using small daisies so as to not overwhelm the midget container.


George Lefton was one of the first westerners to utilize the post World War Two Japanese labor force.  The first Lefton China products arrived for sale in the US in 1946.  Lefton figurines have a very high reputation among specialty collectors.  Their artisans have been famous for their attention to detail and quality.

This mare and foal planter is a work of art, all alone.  Because of the large opening, it is necessary to use the piece as a container rather than just an objet de art.  In this case, I decided upon a handful of vintage silk roses.  The elements compliment, not compete with one another for attention.

If you come across a charming figural planter, maybe these examples will inspire you to create a conversation starter for your own home.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that you can create a “mini-museum” display by dedicating one shelf to a collection of miniature novelty pottery.

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