Per la Tabella …Floral Friday


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I happened across an attractive piece of art glass, priced right, a few weeks ago. The style looked familiar, so I brought it home and verified its identity. The vaso ciotola did turn out to be part of the amber glass line from the Italian glass maker Empoli. The “optic style” was manufactured in the 1960s.

I was inspired to bring out the two other amber glass Empoli items from storage. It was time to use the three in a floral grouping for the table. I carefully rewashed all three items then dried them with a microfiber towel. Then stood back and let the creative sparks fly.

I started with the vaso standard piece I’ve had for a few years. Because the glass is dark amber, autumn themed floral elements came to mind. As I assembled the arrangement, I decided to unify the theme by including feathers in all three compositions.


The recently acquired vaso ciotola (bowl vase) was next. Embedded in a layer of glass marbles is a selection of large and small flowers in a decidedly, traditional Autumn color theme.


Finally, for the calice a stelo lungo, I wanted a trio of poppies. The goblet style looks best with a styling that doesn’t appear top-heavy and unstable. I also wanted to emulate a 1960s sensibility.


The glass table was set with a vintage silk scarf and four natural fiber place mats. Two bright orange Viking Glass bowls with pillar candles came next. Some modern chrome accessories were used for contrasting accents. An additional glass jar candle was added, plus some objets d’ art, to finish the table.

The end result comes off as avant garde, yet warm enough to express comfort during the advancing chill of Fall.

moi1988bThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes a saying by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

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