Succulent Ideas …Floral Friday

The shapes, forms, and colors of succulent plants have interested us for years. Whether it’s a cactus, echeveria, or sempervivum, there’s something about this type of plant that is visually appealing.


I like to use cacti and other succulents in creative dish or planter arrangements with other elements. It’s fun to combine them with artificial elements to express new visual effects. The combinations also solve the practical problem of different water requirements for elements within the same container.

I came across a Southwest themed pot and shape the other day at the Goodwill store. The tall, odd shaped ceramic object is what captured my attention. Somebody had attached a bit of cloth that looks like a bandanna. The absurd shape reminds me of the Gumby annimation films. I used the widget as the central feature in combination with a small cactus and some small, miscellaneous items for a whimsical arrangement.


A 1940s vintage green serving dish is the home for a pair of pink succulents and a cactus. Two artificial accents soften the arrangement and act as framing elements for the composition.


A long, old Frankoma planter doesn’t get used very often because it’s hard to find a need for the thing. I did find out that it makes a perfect base for one of my succulent creations. This enabled a surreal combination of succulents and plastics within an organic stoneware environment.

These are just a few idea starters to kick-start your own weekend project.

FF103114dThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Erich Fromm. “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

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