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Improvised …Floral Friday

One may consider yesterday’s bluejayblog post about chaotic behavior as inspiration for today’s offering to you. Some seemingly random elements come together, without a conscious plan, into a few groupings. As a matter of fact, I put today’s arrangements together before I even decided … Continue reading

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One of my latest guilty pleasures is watching Russian “Fail” videos on YouTube. While I do not care to see people harm themselves, the disorderly, chaotic human behavior shown in the videos amuses me. It all began innocently enough, with Russian car crash clips … Continue reading

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Pretty Boy Floyd

I stumbled across an historically questionable movie on the Web late this past summer featuring Pretty Boy Floyd. The movie, “Public Enemies” piqued my interest in unsavory characters. As far as notorious criminals go, Pretty Boy Floyd was one of the most unsettling gangsters. … Continue reading

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CFCs And Ozone

Do you remember the good news about the atmosphere that was released last month? I caught the news in my daily headline feed from NASA September 10th. The mainstream news dropped it into newscasts around the first of this month. 300 top scientists … Continue reading

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Calico Jack And Company

If we ever attain fame or infamy, it’s due to the company we keep. This truism certainly applies to John Rackham, more popularly known as the English pirate “Calico Jack”. Calico Jack wasn’t nearly as notorious as his mentor Charles Vane, or more … Continue reading

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The Psychopath Whisperer (Review)

Normally, I would have passed the book by with barely any acknowledgement of it. During my regular visit to the Norfolk  (Nebraska) Public Library, the yellow spine of the book caught my eye. With curious trepidation, I slipped The Psychopath Whisperer–The Science … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Day

At first glance, the Sweetest Day appears to be the brainchild of a company like Russell Stover Candies or Hershey Chocolate. The connection to the first ever Sweetest Day by a candy company, though, is only tenuous. The Sweetest Day is one of … Continue reading

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