Using McCoy …Floral Friday

Anybody who has ever dabbled in pottery collecting is familiar with the McCoy name. The pottery is still in such demand, that it is sometimes counterfeited. Whenever I come across a piece of McCoy for sale, I carefully examine it for design, glaze, flaws, and fakery. In all my years of collecting, I’ve only been duped once. Fortunately, it was a minor piece and I wasn’t out much cash.

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

FF112114bToday, I gathered three widely different McCoy pieces and then allowed my imagination to run free when filling them.

The first example, I just encountered a couple of weeks ago. I was completely surprised to find it at a thrift store. The appearance of real McCoy pottery at thrift stores is an increasingly rare occurrence. I forked over $2 and brought it home. I knew immediately that an Ikebana should be composed in this simple, florist dish.

A medium size, light green 1940s deco inspired McCoy vase is one of my FF112114cbetter vases. I only bring it out when I feel especially innovative. In this instance, I was inspired to utilize a mix of media. This arrangement features dry, faux, and found elements.

The red, mid-century, McCoy Ewer vase needed an avant garde update. Again, I decided to go with mixed-media. This time, I decided to feature some red feather balls to reflect the pot’s glaze. The finished arrangement keeps the energy and unrestrained nature of the 1960s alive.

Do you have any McCoy in your home? Now is the time to bring it out of storage.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes McCoy Pottery for its rugged, earthy appearance.


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