Highlights For The Holidays …Floral Friday

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

I took one look at the storage tubs containing my holiday decorating stuff and decided that most of it had to go away.  This October, I looked through the stuff stashed away in my small basement.  I made a half-hearted effort to get rid of some of it. I took a big step and loaded my large, artificial tree into the trunk of the ol’ Camry.  I slid a couple of big boxes of ornaments and brickabrack onto the back seat.  Minutes later, the people at the Goodwill store happily hauled it into their sorting room.

Many people love those retro-Victorian trees that cost a small fortune to decorate right.  I admit that they are beautiful to behold.  The better ones are works of art. ff121914cHowever, they are all wrong for my lifestyle and home.  My house doesn’t have the cubic footage required to properly display such a thing. I don’t have the time, spare cash, nor desire to go all out on jazzing up the house, either.

I really didn’t want to bother with holiday decorations at all this year.  My friend Jorge advised me otherwise.  He convinced me to create a few, humble decorations as acknowledgements to the season. So, I went about gathering materials for three, portable projects.

For the first decoration, I cleaned and polished a footed copper fruit plate. I then formed a large “donut” of floral clay and stuck it to the inside surface. I brought out one of my electronic candles and centered it inside the “donut”.  Pieces of pine branches, a few pine cones, and other design elements were then anchored into the clay. The result is a lighted display that is not only attractive, but is not a fire hazard.


I assembled the other two projects at the same time. The pair of bears planter inspiration was “overflow” from the idea for the large, 1950’s vintage Miramar planter. The polar bears piece was not large enough for a candle, but there was room for a trio of miniature poinsettias.

The dark green Miramar planter and polished brass base are perfect for the holidays.  In this instance, I arranged evergreen stems and a few sprigs of rosemary around the inner perimeter. Miniature poinsettias were placed at intervals within the greenery.  I allowed two small spaces to nestle two small LED candles.

I ended up placing the Miramar arrangement on my teacart next to my largest ceramic tree. The fruit bowl is in the kitchen. The bear pair is on my nightstand in the bedroom. These decorations are more than sufficient ways that I can prove that I’m not the personification of Ebenezer Scrooge.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness hopes your holidays will be wrapped in happiness and tied with love.


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