Cylindrical …Floral Friday

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

Jorge confessed that he couldn’t help being a smarty-pants when I brought out my latest projects so he could give me his opinions of them.  I announced that all three vases were in the shape of cylinders.  He reminded me that one of his academic strengths was mathematics, specifically geometry.   I grinned, knowing I was about to receive a mini-lecture on the subject.

Jorge said that he learned that cylinders are the geometric solids.  People commonly see an object FF011615bwith top and bottom shaped as circles and all of the circular cross-sections are perfectly stacked upon each other.  He said that pillar candles are commonly sold in this shape.  Technically, this type of cylinder is called a “right circular cylinder” because the base and sides come together at right angles, 90-degrees.

FF011615cJorge said that while my three vases have pleasing geometrical shapes, they are not, strictly speaking, cylinders.  They might correctly be called right-cylindrically shaped, hollow vessels.

The first cylindrically shaped vase is a light turquoise USA piece with a faux bamboo motif.  I decided to accentuate a vertical theme, so three leaves from birds of paradise stalks contain three stacked large roses. FF011615f

I hate to throw things away into the trash, so I end up recycling a lot of stuff many people would simply discard.  The light pink, fake blooms fit the bill, perfectly.  They were made of pure silk and hand fitted to strands of thin floral wire back in the 1980s.  Only a few intact flowers remain.  Many of the rest of the bits and pieces made excellent “vase filler” for a tall cylindrical glass vase.  The intact flowers seem to bubble up from below.

I winked at Jorge when I told him the large, heavy marble vase means business.  This cylindrical object was carved from a chunk of rocky substance from an actual quarry.  I returned to the vertical theme.  This time fern fronds, tall leaves, and orchids provide the structural elements.

While we continued our visit, Jorge and I enjoyed the consumption of chilled, fermented grain beverages contained within recyclable, extruded aluminum vessels shaped in the form of right circular cylinders.

FF011615iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness says other simple and complex geometric forms can provide the basis for many attractive flower arrangements, as well.

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