Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an incredible admiration and love of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Close behind those styles are paintings and sculpture of modernism, especially abstract expressionism. These categories are only my very favorites.  Inspire--01Practically every form of visual, audible, literary, and dramatic art can sweep over and inspire me in ways that are difficult to describe.

I remember contemplating a large painting by Mark Rothko at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. There is something akin to Zen in the blocks of understated blues and rust that made me want to look at it for hours.

Visual art and instrumental music, especially space and electronica, that falls outside of the mainstream, never fails to capture my imagination and trigger my deepest Inspire-03spectaclescreative instincts.  When modern art and music combine, it can culminate, for me, as a near-religious experience.

I read a quote on Facebook the other day by Vincent van Gogh. “It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” Until I saw this quotation, I hadn’t realized that van Gogh’s talent extended beyond paint and canvas.  In this instance, he certainly showed a talent for words, too.

Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.  If you’ve forgotten just how much art can make a difference to your inner life, you can take the time to rekindle this appreciation. This is the perfect day to go to the nearest art museum.  Maybe you can attend a concert or listen to some fine music on public radio. Is there a book or collection of writing you’ve been meaning to read? One place you can find information about the various forms of art is the public library.


You don’t need to restrict yourself to being only a consumer of art; you can participate in its creation.  A few of my friends are accomplished musicians. I’m acquainted with a poet.  One of my relatives has written two books. My late brother enjoyed experimenting with sketching and computer assisted drawing. I still maintain contact with my college art instructor.  She creates amazing canvases and is adept in pottery.

Art doesn’t restrict itself to galleries, theaters, and concert halls.  It can be found in activities we do, ourselves.  Regular readers of bluejayblog have encountered my sometimes successful efforts in the floral arts. The art of flower arranging was Inspire-04spontaneous.  I have not taken any formal training.  I learned the basics from books.  What you see on Floral Fridays are experiments.  I share the flops and successes, I rarely filter out the mistakes. Once in a Blue Moon someone will take the time to give me constructive advice.

During the 1980s I explored serious photography and enjoyed creating images on 35mm slides.  My interest ebbed due to the high costs of film and equipment.  My career demanded more of time, too.  A few friends have suggested that I share some of my early photography on this blog. I’m thinking that I may do so once per month.  It’s not a sure thing, though.

I have not explored serious digital photography yet.  I only own a few inexpensive hand-held digital cameras, nothing really nice. That said, I do sometimes mount one onto a tripod and experiment with still-lifes and general outdoor scenes. Right now, I simply enjoy the photography of some of my fellow bloggers. Their work is simply amazing and inspiring.

Perhaps you enjoy creating art, too.  Many people have told me they find the act of making art to be therapeutic. There might be something bothering them and they need a positive outlet to channel their energy.  Some of my friends say a song on the radio might inspire them to make something beautiful.  Oftentimes an article in a magazine or online triggers the creative instincts.  If you feel inspired to create some art, you should go ahead and do it.

This is the day to bring out a musical instrument, a sketch pad, or your paints.  Today is a good day to pick up the camera or your cooking utensils.  Maybe you want to sing a pretty song.  Perhaps you have some words in your head wanting to get out. What do you yearn for in your heart of hearts?

Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.

Inspire-iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness found another quote from Vincent van Gogh.  “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

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