This Is Creative Romance Month

You don’t need to remind me more than once that the month of February represents romantic love.  Certainly, falling in love is one of life’s most amazing sensations.  Better yet, is maintaining and strengthening that love afterwards.  Romantic love is a big part of February.CreativeRomance-02

When I tell people that dad and my step mom were married on Valentine’s Day, the reaction is always a smile and a wistful comment.  Just as their love for one another had grown strong, so had their drive to maintain it.  Neither of them could think of a better way to celebrate their bond than to legally wed on the holiday of romance.

The couple was certainly a creative venture in many ways.  They enjoyed planning special get-aways and overseas vacations together.  Closer to home, holidays and family events were carefully crafted with creative touches and good food to make the gatherings especially memorable. Dad and Tippy both liked to think of new ways to express their love for each other.

It doesn’t matter what our age or orientation are, there is always a romantic spark CreativeRomance-01inside of us.  The idea is to use that flame to ignite our lives and the lives of those closest to us.  The thoughts behind Creative Romance Month are about just how important romance is to keeping our primary relationships fresh and exciting.

Once for my birthday (in August) my boyfriend waited in the dark for me to return home from work.  When I walked in the door, the first thing I saw were the burning candles on a birthday cake.  He suddenly flipped on the light and I saw that he had dressed up as Cupid, complete with paper wings and toy archery set plus his mischievous grin. Who could resist?  I’ll never forget that morning.CreativeRomance-04icon

One February, we planned a Valentine’s weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We had to make some unusual arrangements for lodging, because winter is the off-season.  There just happened to be some brand-new tourist cabins that accepted winter guests. It was almost like we had the entire park, all to ourselves.  We allowed plenty of time for hiking through the forest and exploration of the few places that were open.  Our respite was the small, quaint log cabin that was surprisingly luxurious.  If there’s better way to spend a chilly, snowy weekend with your beau, I cannot think of one.

I like the concept of a Creative Romance Month.  It expands the one-day thrill of Valentine’s Day into a much longer time-frame.  There is time to plan a super special Valentine’s celebration of your lover.  The holiday, itself can come off beautifully.  There is then the follow-through so there’ll be no let-down afterwards. You can have a special, romantic day, 28 days in a row, 29 of them next year.

Because social scientists have shown that it takes three weeks to lock a habit in place, four weeks will ensure that your new daily romantic practice will be there for both of you.  When you think about this, you’ll realize that a month of creative romance is a wonderful thing for your relationship, all year long.

Your daily creative efforts don’t need to be extravagent nor expensive.  One day you might place sticky notes with loving messages all over your home.  You might want to create a special snack for your lover on another day.  One of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received was a thoughtfully creeated Valentine card, rubber stamped and glued together by my lover’s two hands.  There’s not a store-bought card that can beat it. One day, I was awakened when I heard him softly singing a romantic song to me.

Even if you’re not involved with anybody in particular right now, you can still give yourself the positive experiences that will enhance your own life and self-regard.  There is no need to feel resentful or sad about being single during the month of love.  You can find small, creative ways to be kind to yourself.

Indeed, the small, sincere gestures are often the most meaningful and loving.  These expressions of love are usually the result of spontaneous creativity.  We have a month to create our own beautiful romance.

Au revoir
CreativeRomance-05iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness says that if you’re one of the fortunate people to have found a special lover, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to build and preserve that relationship.

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