World Cancer Day

I usually take part in our community’s “Relay for Life” each year.  It’s a good way to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Many folks in Norfolk, Nebraska also CancerDay-01participate because the walk-a-thon is a good social event, it’s a good way to get some exercise, and we believe the money goes towards a good cause.

Just as there are a number of various cancers that humans may contract, it sometimes seems, to me, that there are plenty of organizations that exist to fight cancer and to raise public awareness about the disease.  I have discovered yet another non-governmental organization to promote community action against cancer. The Union for International Cancer Control appears to be one of the more helpful groups.

The UICC is an umbrella organization that has a membership of about 780 other organizations from 155 nations.  It not only helps the major cancer non-profits, but includes patient groups, research institutes, many governmental departments of health, and the World Health Organization.  In other words, the UICC is a powerful focus group.

In addition to roundtable discussions, and conferences, the UICC promotes World Cancer Day each February 4th.  The organization’s theme for 2015 is “Not Beyond Us”. The basic idea is to promote proactive, positive approaches in the fight against cancer.  The campaign aims to bring awareness that many solutions exist to aleviate cancers and that there are ways to prevent, detect, treat, and possibly cure it.CancerDay-02

The consciousness raising nature of today’s campaign is about engaging governments, communities, and individuals to work towards positive efforts and solutions to the cancer problem. The campaign, this year, has for areas of focus:

•Choosing healthy lives
•Delivering early detection
•Achieving treatment for all
•Maximising quality of life

If you are concerned about cancer and wish to do something to help, today is a good day to get involved and research the ways to do so that mean the most to you.  Most people choose to contribute energy and cash to a non-profit organization. I personally look into the legitimacy of non-profits before I send off a cheque.  I want the most bang for the buck, so I look for organizations that have low overhead and adminstrative take with the lion’s share going to actual work.

I join my urge to be generous with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Personally, I’m not impressed with organizations that use telemarketing tactics to raise funds.CancerDay-04

The first thing I do is to check the IRS Search for charities website. This tells me whether or not the charity is actually tax exempt.  To further check out a non-profit, access the Better Business Bureau site. They have many resources to help.

If you feel positive about an organization, you can then request the group’s financial report.  In the United States, tax-exempt organizations must file a “Form 990”.  This detailed accounting of finances and administrative salaries will greatly help you decide whether or not to send them money.

One place I’ve been steering my friends is “Charity Navigator”.  I like that they have a huge database of information about local and regional non-profit organizations across a great many categories.

I hope that you feel moved to find out how you can become involved and take action against cancer.  There are many ethical, effective organizations working in this field.

CancerDay-03iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that with the prompt action and the best medical strategies, some 30-percent of cancer cases can be prevented.

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3 Responses to World Cancer Day

  1. SJS says:

    Thanks for your good words on this very important issue. As one who has lost several family members to cancer (including my father, the PT Boat veteran from WWII), your words were very empowering. Keep up the great work. Best wishes,

    Steve Stahley

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