This Is Floral Design Day

Naturally, I want to use the last post of February to salute an activity that I find very rewarding and enjoyable. Floral Design Day is a commemoration that I always celebrate in a real, physical sense. In this instance, I can have a “Floral Saturday” in addition to yesterday’s Floral Friday.

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

I might arrange a bouquet with silk or dried flowers. Perhaps I’ll purchase live cuttings.  Regardless of the floral medium, the feelings of luxury and engagement come forth.  Today is a day that anybody can celebrate or even participate in.  While Floral Design Day can be enjoyed anywhere in the nation and the world, it is official in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Floral Design Day coincides with the birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of Rittner’s School of Floral Design located in Boston, Massachusetts. The celebration recognizes that the floral industry is a major part of commerce in the nation. It is closely integrated with such holidays as Valentines’ Day, and Christmas. Floral arrangements are sent to commemorate weddings, birthdays, and funerals. Florists are major contributors to the local and national economy.


The most simple way to celebrate Floral Design Day is to visit a few florist shops to compare the styles and choices of materials.022815f

You might check out a local art museum or look online at paintings and photographs that feature flowers. You might wish to visit the library or a book store so you can bring home a book about flowers.

You may want to create an arrangement of your own. The project can be simple or complicated, depending on your level of expertise.  Some people prefer to purchase something already made up.

I decided to create a few projects to commemorate Floral Design Day in my own way.  My theme is simple and basic. I was in the mood to include the color, purple, in all of them.

A handmade vase with an earthy glaze became the base for an array of small purple tulips. They are nestled in leaves and other greenery for a richer effect.

Even though the medium-size California Pottery planter is blue, I carried the purple theme into the planting with purple accents. I used a similar greenery border as with the tulip grouping.

A fancy silver and brass goblet houses a very sparse solitary arrangement. The result is a statement of simplicity, and elegant grace.

Have a beautiful and creative Floral Design Day.

freThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this gem from Claude Monet: “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

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